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I want to see photos. I want to see photos of you on launch day. Here are the rules.

-There must be a Halo costume in the picture
-It must be on launch day, or the day before launch day.
-It might be high resolution
-It must feature you in the photo

Winner will get:
Keyboard attachment for Xbox controller.


If there aren't at least qualifying 5 entries, the contest is voided.

Get to thinking of what would be a good picture.

Sigma LS

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I got dibs on the corpse-hump. :p

I have a couple of other ideas too.

Edit: Do you want these submitted the day after launch?


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post them in your gallery, then post them here. otherwise, submission will not be considered.
despite my Saints getting their butts whipped on national TV, last night was ridiculously awesome. i dont wanna spend all night on here, so imma post two cool pictures and get back to 4 player legendary.

wish i hadnt taken the neck seal off, but i was getting too hot.



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I'll try to post some pics or a video later today. I went to a local gamestop in My red suit (Adam's) and did some skits and such. Got a free legendary h3, strat guide, hat, and other small trinkets.


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This was right before we left to go to gamestop... :)

Yes, It is pepakura... I made it myself... We just finished before the pictures were taken...

Going to launch...
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