Planet Anime Kansas City Info and Roll Call: October 18-20, 2024 (Kansas City, MO)


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Planet Promotions is thrilled to announce the return of Planet Anime Kansas City!

As a companion to the March 2024 return of Planet Comicon Kansas City, this anime-focused event made its return at the Kansas City Convention Center on October 18th thru October 20th, 2024.

Your visit to this anime-centric destination within our fandom-fueled universe featured an incredible lineup of anime voice celebrities, exhibitors, special events, a wide ranging schedule of panels, plus amazing cosplay, a cosplay contest, and more.

Date: October 18th, 2024 through October 20th, 2024, (10/18/2024 - 10/20/2024)

Location: Kansas City Convention Center, 301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Event Website: Planet Anime Kansas City – Planet Anime Kansas City
Local Hotels:

Planet Comicon Kansas City introduced a new convention last year, Planet Anime Kansas City, a smaller more intimate-style convention compared to the big blockbuster that is Planet. We had a few members go last year and even got into a video about the convention! With the recent formation of Longsword, I'd love to get more people at this event and give the organizers at Planet a big show!

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":


Tentative Attendees:

Badge Purchases: Planet Anime Kansas City 2024 :: Leap Event Technology

Photoshoot: Tentative

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Move me to confirmed. Even if I only make it Saturday I'll make it happen.

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