plasma grenades

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Pics of my plasma grenade

Was a bit diffcult taking a pic of this item
with my arms not being lomg enough.
Its a silicone rubber ball with three blue led's
It turns on/off with a single press and you can
recharge the battries.



I was thinking about putting on a raised activation switch
made out of silicone, but I cannot seem to find a good pic or
screen cap of the plasma grenade.

Spartan 648
Sean Bradley said:
Spartan 648.

Will this do?



Yes it will do fine that is the best pic I have seen
now I have a better idea of what the design in the switch
looks like, now I have to get off my lazy A_ _ and make the
Thank You

Spartan 648
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Wow that blue thing amaze me. A time ago I had a plan to make a Plasma grenade. But i didn't find any thing that would look the same.

Can you tell me how where you buy that thing and how much it cost?

Here is a Auto-CAD drawing that i made some time ago for the sign on top.
i was just messing around with my vinyl cutter to see what i can come up with.....need to make it alittle thicker i might paint the inside a clear blue then add some LEDS in it...i dont have any orange vinyl but might tape that part off and paint it a clear orange so the lite will shine thought
kinda blurry
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