Plasma pistol

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Posted a similar topic in the noob forum, but i wanted it here...
I decided to undertake a plasma pistol as my first weapon. I started out making a cardboard base, and now am wanting to detail it.





Now i want to detail it, but am having troubles finding a good material to use, i want to stay away from dremeling and stick more to carving or sculpting
Someone suggested axpoxie-sculpt, anyone tried it
cool man, you should try styrofoam insulation and use chisils and sabre saw
keep up good work man :cool:
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everyone seems to be suggesting styrofoam insulation... but is that the blue foam, or the foam in a can
You will be needing high density foam. Styrofoam has to much air in it to to be a good long term support.
ohaple said:
where can you buy this?

You can buy it at any home improvement center like Home Depot. It comes in sheets of deferent thickness. Look at the post on this forum about the covenant Carbine. that's the foam they are talking about. he took a few layers and glued them together.
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