Please come to this con (Dallas, TX)

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Might I interest you in a little bit of Dallas Fan Days?

It's in Dallas, TX on October 19-21, 2018.
Here's the website: Dallas Fan Days
I'll be there on the Saturday of the con, hopefully wearing my new Reach armor, and my husband will be wearing his ODST armor.

I've been to several cons in East Texas since moving here two years ago, and I have yet to meet another southern 405th member (who is actually in armor).

Granted, the cons I've been to have been pretty small, but I miss hanging out with a big group of Spartans and I was hoping to see armored people this time at Dallas Fan Days. Last year I met Saul, who made Grif armor, like me! But he wasn't wearing it. Don't know his 405th username.

Also, I would post this in the Southwest regiment, but since I'm not yet officially a part of the regiment, I'm unable to.

So yeah, everyone should totally come and hang out and be awesome Halo people together.
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