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Ok our Wal-Mart(Is stupid) has no cardstock and I was wondering if regular heavyweight paper that you can find in a sketchbook would work. If you need to know the type of sketchbok it is academie.

Get cardstock. Go to Staples, or another store that sells paper, Wal-mart is crap for anything except crappy stuff.
i guess it would work.. but really look around for card stock.. staples or office max should carry it
Arthraxis said:
Get cardstock. Go to Staples, or another store that sells paper, Wal-mart is crap for anything except crappy stuff.
Mabye I didn't make myself clear. I live in a small town . All we have to shop at s Wal-Mart or Homeland. The next town is 30 miles away and I can't drive. My parents said no to going to that town so I can't do that. Now will heav weight paper work?
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No, it probably wont. You NEED cardstock, you NEED 110lb paper or else while resining, hell, while gluing it'll probably warp or collapse on itself.

If you can't get it, then you're screwed. You can always go to the walmart and ask them if they will have any, or if you could make a special order.
Oh it hasn't yet. It is very stable. But my parents said no to resining. Cost to much money.
If it's like construction paper or like a poster board paper it should work... Yu could buy some poster board and glue the paper pages on to it and then cut them out... Get a spay adhesive...

Guys we need for find alternatives for him... We can't just tell him it can't be done...

With the right steps it is very possible that it could be done... :)
No offense Anthrax, but your posts are awfully pessimistic. To the OP, almost every Walmart carries Cardstock, ask the service desk. If that is to no avail, check the other stores around. If all else fails, you can use large posterboard but you will have to print each piece on regular paper, cut it out, and then cut the actual piece out of the poster using that as a template.
I'm just telling people the truth, if you don't have cardstock, there isn't much else that'll give the same outcome, if you can't resin, the suit wont be as stable ect.
Also I am going to trry and get a job so I can buy the materials needed. We have a lot of fast food places around in this small town. One of them has got to be hiring.

Sorry bout the double post
I know. I am going to only where it once. At my sisters birthday. Or I will beg my parents to allow me to buy the resin and fiberglassing stuff. I really want the second one but they are strict.
Just because one store doesnt carry it, dont go and buy the next best thing, go to another store and buy it, Also, cardstock isnt in the craft isle, it's in the printer isle.
if you can't get any of this stuff, you could try to make your suit out of cardboard. This guy made his with only duct tape and cardboard Vid

Don't ever give up hope! The guy told me he just made it by looking at a 360 degree rotation model of the Master Chief and went off that.
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