Poll Voting Assistance - Pms Sponsorship To Dallas


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My fiance Aundie is Halo divisional leader for the PMS clan of girl gamers, and theres a contest to get sponsored to go to dallas. Just vote for PMS at the bottom, (they're behind a week in voting, so I bet they'll catch up real quick)

Think you can help out?



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i voted for them but DSO delta is ahead by almost double of what PMS has
Then I guess we'll just have to find some more computers!! Get cracking soldier!! :p

Lol Voted for your future wife adam. :D ( Actually I voted twice, but don't tell no ones!! )

Oh, and hey!! Their percentage went up by one percent! With only two votes! C'mon guys get your friends to vote too! ;)
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They are at 28% right now, there were at 12% before this morning. Nice job guys. Like I said, DSO has a week on the PMS clan, so good chance of taking em over.