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I know this is pretty much useless, but I though I'd post this since I found the cake which I was promised ingame, after completing the test, Glados says you get free cake, she then tries you kill you because you finished her research and she no longer needs you. And you end up killing her/it and get no cake. But I got mine, so where is yours portal fans? You only see it in the very end of the game during the credits, but I got mine live in person.

Also, you cant pick up the cake, so nope....cant toss it and crumble it to pieces.

Also, if you do listen to glados, you do get cake, if you keep going as the game is SUPPOSE to go, you dont get cake.....so you decide how you wanna beat the game, is the cake worth it, or not.
remember when you were going to into the fire and i was like, "goodbye!" and you were like "no way!"
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I took Glados's advice

"drop the weapon, lie on the floor and wait for a party associate to pick you up and carry you to the cake"

No actually, the cake room is a room on the last level before you fight Glados, she warns you 500 million times to turn around, if you know where, you get cake...but you dont beat the game, you just find...cake......then go back, get lost, and hope you didnt save in the cake room or else you'll have a hard time finding glados again.
Omg VG cats just copied the ending credits of portal and made it into flash form, I did not enjoy it at all. That song is Glados at the end of the game, I have the mp3 of it.
Oh come on, so I did use noclip on to fly around, but still, theres a few things

1. many people didnt even know the cake room is in the same level as the boss fight.
2. Many people didnt know the cake room could be walked in because of it being a movie scene.
3. The fact that the companion cube is in the background and can be picked up....thats something too

But still, it is possible by cheating to get to the cake.

But then again, the reddish tower that leads to the cake can be climbed by making portals, you just need to noclip into it, then start portaling your way through to the cake, thats what I did, so I didnt go and use noclip 100% of the time.
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