Portal's Portal gun pepakura

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The gun is about 1 foot 4 inches long after being finished, it may be less, not sure, this file has the claws in it so you may want to scale it up with a scale of 11 or 12

New gun model is being made without claws or tubes, this will be easier because there are less tiny microscopic folds. Actually none at all. WIP.

Portal gun 2 improvements

- File is now main shape of the gun and has 0 missing pieces
- Claw and tubing were removed for a easier build
- Still the same shape as before, but less confusing to build.

kick ass dude i cant wait for file approval of this gun (my girlfriend wishes to be the main charcter from that game for the convention thats coming up next year in florida
1. This gun is for experienced pepers only
2. This gun is a DIRECT copy of the ingame model so it has interior detail too..which cant be seen when finished,,,
3. The clay and tubes are removed from the pages, make them yourself, and make your life easier.
Uploading the 80% gun right now, 80% meaning no claw/tubes, just the main body of the gun which should take 6-7 pages.

If anyone is experienced in 3d modeling, contact me and I will send you the .3ds file so you can make lower poly and delete the interior crap, it interior isnt needed and just takes more time and cutting to make, but it is doable.


Wow, awesome.

I was thinking about making one of these before Halloween with my MC suit on and tell everyone I was thinking with portals.
I have portal for the PC, it was worth the purchase from steam, the main story is......your a girl....you wake up.....glados ( an ai computer) trains you in physics and portal stuff....you go through the test rooms, then the real story begins.
ftw=For The Win

Also, I can't see how you could play portal on the 360, some chambers you need to be very precise with the portal placement, which is much easier on the PC.
very true for me im just starting into computer gaming and i like the computer better because modding is acceptable ( most of the time)

is the gun scaled correctly
Everyone wants the portal gun.

Now....who wants a companion cube? There already is a small sized one made, but it doesnt have actual detail, just all printed detail.

Or...who wants...THE CAKE.
I'll be extracting the cube model to see if it is detailed, if it is, expect a weighted companion cube soon, meaning tommorow.

Btw, the companion cube never did talk to me, glados said it cant, but then she said when it does, ignore it.
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