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Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2015

Discussion in 'Pacific Regiment' started by gliderx64, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. gliderx64


    October 17-18 is portland retro gaming expo at the convention center in PDX. Anyone planning on attending in armor should contact myself or Crystal (Roxas S Embers). See you there
  2. Roxas s Embers

    Roxas s Embers

    Hey guys! For those of you within the Oregon area that would like to attend this event we have been invited to come entertain and hang out with the guests before the showroom doors open. We will be arriving at 7:15 am to start suiting up. we need to be ready and in the lobby by 8 AM sharp and will be able to go walk around the showroom floor at 10 PM! We have passes for our costumers so if you are attending in costume and ware arriving at the time needed then please shoot me a message so that I can get you a badge set aside.

    We will also have a booth on the floor this year. Booth T-14 close to the back wall http://retrogamingexpo.com/expo_floorplan.php

    Please stop by and say hello!
  3. peterthethinker


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