Possible Halo live action fan based series...


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While it may sound kinda cheesy or stupid I was acutally thinking of putting together a little youtube type series w/ a live action spartan (not MC). It would be sorta like this:

The spartan somehow escapes before the spartan planet (its late and I forgot the name :p) was destroyed and get to earth a crap-load of years in the past (again not in the mood for math late at night).
He crashes on Earth, someone finds him.
He has flashbacks from the future (which would be both campaign and Multiplayer of halo3).
He fights something, wheather it be a covenant that somehow gets to earth or the government, IDK yet...
He also has some comical action in downtown LA or around that area with some local shots, Would be quite funny to capture some peoples reactions as the spartan enters the mainstream public (of course they aren't scripted, it would be kind of like the guy who got kicked out of target)

These are just some ideas Im jotting down... Feel free to make any suggestions or criticisms, yes I know it sounds a bit like enchanted but, I think it would be kind of interesteing to make and watch. Just gotta finish up that armor first.