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By now you folks probably know that I'm a sucker for round numbers (engineering habits) and milestones so I'd like to do a summary and some shoutouts since post 2000 445 days ago. Also sorry FANGS for working on this post instead of valuable social media content :p

To say the least, I've been busy honing my digital art so I'd like to show off some of the shiny projects I've worked on since last June in no particular order.

Halo 3 ODST Biofoam Cannister
This was my build for Lt.Dan during the inaugural Canadian Regiment Secret Santa. It was a blast to design and even more fun to finish and send off to it's new home.

Halo 3 ODST Flashbang Containers
Memes made me do it. All ODSTs are now required to carry Beyblades with them while in costume.

A Bunch of M6 Series Magnums
Calgary Expo was going to be a thing and I was preparing a series of props for the booth, and then, 2020.



Halo Wars 2 M99A2S3 Stanchion
I'm at the 90% stage of this model and it's been sitting for months. One part to bother Rock Lobbster, one part because I don't quite have room for the finished thing.

Halo Reach MA37
Another prop that was meant to be "small", quick to build, easy to assemble and great to have at a convention booth.

Halo 3 Mauler

Halo Infinite Mangler
The MANG//GANG grows every day. I know of three other Manglers out in the wild and can't wait to see more!

Halo3 SRS99D-S2-AM/Halo Landfall Laser Designator
Another project that is on hold until I have adequate space for it or I finish a costume that needs it as a prop.


Halo Reach WAV M6 GGNR
This was probably one of my largest builds that I've done entirely in secret. All of it just so that CplYapFlip Rinzlerr and myself could do a photoshoot based around the Area 51 Raid meme.

Halo Reach H165 FOM
Some conventions don't like props that look like firearms but don't have anything against props that look like speed cameras/microwaves. Also I made it as a gift for PerniciousDuke as thanks for letting us stay with him while we were there for a convention.

Halo Infinite VK78 Commando
Infinite is coming and I just put all these files up for free, you should totally build one!

Also instead of putting images of individual helmets, I offer you what I one day aspire to wear. Halo is now a part of the TF2 Expanded Universe. All but the two CQB helmets were modeled in the 2XXX post time frame so I think I'm doing okay.

In terms of completed costumes, I haven't done that great. I've finished a Halo Reach Army Trooper through the process of the Buckets to Boots build streams and deployed the suit at Tier 1.

My Fire Warrior build is still awaiting the colour coat of paint. The "no upcoming cons, no con crunch" loss of motivation kind of stopped this project while I went onto build other things.

In terms of building stuff for others, I think I did okay? I hand delivered a pair of M7 Caseless SMGs to master_colt_117 at HOD Philly, mailed off an ODST bucket to HaloGoddess, a torso and other parts to WandererTJ and a CH252 helmet to ArcSol for their Halo Outpost Discovery costumes.

For speaking at conventions, I didn't get to do as much promoting the 405th as I would have liked (the last 7 months have not helped) but there was definitely some awesome events with even more awesome people at them!






So why all of these photos, tags and things? This is just my way of saying thank you to everyone who is a part of the 405th.
Thank you for having me not only as a member, but as a member of Division Staff.
Thank you for supporting me through all of these dumb ideas.
Thank you for pushing me to value my time and skills.
Thank you for all you helpful constructive criticism and help troubleshooting.
Thank you for the constant enjoyment that I get out of being a part of this community.
Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to keep creating.
Thank you for putting up with me for 3000 posts :p

Everyone here is supportive of each other and without this community of skilled designers builders tailors makers I don't know if I would have worked so hard on the skill sets that I've developed while learning from you all. Each day I log into the forums to learn something new and to see how everyone is progressing in their craft and every day I'm amazed by something. Thank you 405th.
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D'awwww. And thank you, and everyone, for making the 405th such a humble and welcoming community. For letting us fit in, yet stand out in our own ways.
Must've felt good being able to look back on all that work over the past year. T'was definitely great to read about it.
TurboCharizard - Let me say thank you! Your work is an inspiration and doing things like making the Mangler has been so much fun!

I can't agree with this statement more:
Each day I log into the forums to learn something new and to see how everyone is progressing in their craft and every day I'm amazed by something. Thank you 405th.
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