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The purpose of this thread is to answer all your questions. First you ask a question, and then I'll post your question along with the answer in this nice and pretty post. Now others don't have to ask them because they're all here in this easy to access location. Do not be afraid to correct me if you see something wrong. And please, make sure that you use proper spelling and make an effort to get your question as clear as possible. That will allow me to answer it quickly and not have to pull out my Klingon dictionary to decipher your code. Check back often to see if your questions have been answered.

Forum questions

I'm a beginner, got any tips for me?
Stick to the stickies and you can never go wrong. Read twice as much as you type. Keep you eye on this topic for any questions you might have, they have probably been answered.

What's the difference between an advanced member and a member?
Advanced members have 50+ posts. Regular members have -50 posts.

I can't make a thread, what's wrong?
You need a certain number of posts before you can make a thread. I believe it's 50+.

Pepakura questions

What is the most detailed helmet?
Personal preference. These are the available H3 helmets.

Slyfo's not mine:

Flying_squirl's not mine:

Dannifood4less' not mine:

Where can I find the E.O.D. helmet pep file?
Slyfo's not mine:

Where can I find the C.Q.B. helmet pep file?
Slyfo's not mine:

Which of Slyfo's shoulder pads do I use for the MK.VII?
The "Default Shoulder Pads" file.

Why can't I open a pep file?
Make sure Pepakura Designer is installed, or contact the file creator and tell them it's corrupt.

How do I open a 3ds. file in Pep?
Right-click and choose "Open With" then "Choose Program..." and choose "Pepakura Designer" from the list.

How do I display the tab numbers in pep?
Hit the "123" tab.

Some pep pieces don't have numbers, but others do, what’s wrong?
On the 3D side, if the numberless edge is red that means that there is a bad connection. You are going to have to tape it. It won't deform your armour in any way.

In pep how do you change the colour of the 2D fold lines?
Right-click on the 2D side, hit "Color Edge" and change the color to your choice.

A pep piece is too big to fit on one page, what do I do?
Hit the "Divide/Connect Faces" tab, and cut the piece in half.

When making the pep, how far do I fold each piece?
Completely in half. As long as the mountain and valley folds are going in the right direction, it will turn out right.

How do I match the numbers?
Find one piece that has a number, for example one piece has a 1 on it and another has a 1 on it, you take the two and stick the numbered flap under the other number and glue it.

My helmet is too big. What's wrong?
Scale it. If it's still to big then you scaled it wrong. Look at the official scaling sticky. Otherwise you're going to look like a bobble head.

How do I scale my pep piece?
For those who have scaling problems this is what I did. Keep in mind that all the numbers are specific to me. It might take a bit but it works well.

1. Use the scaling sticky to find your height in centimeters, remember add 1-2 inches for space.
- 72 is what I had.
2. Open the H2 version and paste the numbers into the "Scale" box.
- 25.40260465 is what I had.
3. Copy the numbers in the "Assembled size (height) __ cm" box.
- 26.7 is what I had.
4. Grab the Halo 3 version and insert into the "Assembled size (height) __ cm" box, whatever number you had in step 3.
5. Repeat this on any other piece.

The number in step 3 is the size of the finished piece, so you can use that number on any of the other versions of that piece.

My head won't fit in my properly scaled helmet, what do I do?
You can cut off a section and find some way to attach it back together so it looks nice. Or you can trim it. Don't worry it won't make your helmet look messed, here's a picture of where to cut the bottom of the H2 helmet.


I want to edit the 3D pep model, how do I do it?
It is possible to change the model in pep, but you would need the full version of pep to do that. I'll post a key generator for you. And when all that's done:

1. Open up the piece
2. Click on the "Unfold Undo" button
3. Click the "3DModelWindow" tab, and go to "Edit Mode" then "Edit Model"

And from there you can change it to some extent. Beware that it's extremely hard to do, and I'm in no way responsible for the angry things you might do to your computer (i.e. smash screen with bat).

Key Gen:

My pep piece is lopsided/squished, how can I fix that?
If it's the helmet, leave the visor alone until you replace it with the plastic one. Make sure everything is folded, cut, and glued properly. You can add supports, or strengthen parts with cardboard.

General armour questions

In what order do I build my armour?
1. Print the pep pieces out
2. Cut the pieces out
3. Fold and glue them
4. Resin the outside to prepare the surface for the materials
5. Fiberglass it to prevent it from collapsing when you add Bondo.
6. Bondo it
7. Sand the Bondo
8. Paint it

What happens if I don't sand the piece before painting it?
You will get a lumpy texture on the outside.

How strong will my armour be once I'm completely done making it?
Really strong if it's made properly. Some people use their armour for paintballing.

What piece should I start on?
Personal preference. Getting the harder parts done first (i.e. helmet and torso.), will make the job ahead of you seem easier. I suggest building a low-poly piece to familiarize yourself with Pepakura.

How do I attach the armour pieces to my body?
Some suggest buckling or strapping. You can use buttons, by sticking the male end on your clothes and the female end on the inside of your armour. Be creative.

When do I attach the visor to the helmet?
This is one of the last steps, do not remove your paper visor until after you have completely finished your helmet, or else it will warp. Then attach your other visor.

When and how do I attach the visor to the helmet?
After you are done with everything (i.e. fiberglass, resin, Bondo, paint, etc.). First, use a dremel to trim the edges of the visor; you don't want the edges to be poking into your helmet. Use hotglue, black silicone or caulking to attach it to the inside.

My helmet is really uncomfortable, what do I do?
Add padding. Use hot glue to mount it.

How do I make my armour fit tightly on my body?
Add padding. Use hot glue to mount it. Using a bit of expanding foam should stop it from rattling around on your body.

How do I store my suit when I’m not wearing it?
Depends on the condition of your storage area. If it's really damp, then you're going to want to make sure the armour doesn't get soggy and warp. Try to prevent pieces, such as the helmet, from lying on their sides to prevent them from shifting to one side. I'd store it like any other piece of equipment. (i.e. hockey gear, baseball gear, etc.)

Fiberglass, Resin, Bondo, and painting questions

When and how do I fiberglass/resin/Bondo my armour?
1. Apply 1-2 coat of resin on the inside and outside to seal the edges. Wait 30min.
2. Spray the inside with adhesive spray glue.
3. Immediately apply 1 coat of cut-up, un-resined strips of fiberglass to the inside ONLY.
4. Cover the layer of fiberglass with resin.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until it's hard enough for you.
6. Apply another layer of resin over the fiberglass to seal it together.
7. Apply Bondo after the resin and fiberglass have completely dried.
8. After the Bondo has completely dried, sand it with 100 grit sandpaper.
9. Paint it.

Make sure to apply the next layer of fiberglass while the previous layer is still tacky, this is called "curing" and will allow the layers to strengthen more while drying, and will make it less likely to crack.

How do I fiberglass/resin cardboard?
Glassing and resining is the same for all materials. Paper, cardstock, cardboard, poster board, etc. It's all the same.

I finished resining my helmet, should I do another coat?
You can if you want to make it more durable, you should do the areas you are going to use the most (i.e. helmet, crotch, feet, back, etc.)

My resin won't dry it feels tacky, what do I do?
Apply baby powder, and make sure you're mixing the resin in a metal container.

What part(s) do I fiberglass?
Only the inside and you don't need that much. Applying it only on the inside will save you some fiberglass and the hassle of sanding it down. Also adding fiberglass to the outside will only give your helmet a really odd texture.

Do I resin each layer of fiberglass I put in, or do I apply layers on top of each other then resin?
You resin each individual layer.

How many layers of fiberglass do I add to the inside?
As many as you want. 1-2 layers at least, but add more to the areas you are going to use the most (i.e. helmet, crotch, feet, back, etc.)

The fiberglass is fraying like crazy, what do I do?
Make sure to use really sharp fabric scissors, if it still doesn't work then you can wet the part you're going to fiberglass with water and apply the fiberglass while wearing a pair of dry gloves. That will prevent the fiberglass from sticking and making a mess. But mostly fiberglass is like that, you just have to put up with it.

Is the fiberglassed and resined armour waterproof?
Completely, getting water on it will not hurt it at all.

Alternative to fiberglass.
The same method for casting a broken arm can be used for fiberglassing the inside of your armour.

How do I detail my helmet?
Bondo body filler or glaze. I recommend glaze, it's what Spase used for his helmet and it looks amazing.

How do I smooth out the craters after I used Bondo on my piece?
Apply a thin coat of spot putty to fill up the holes.

Products and substitution questions

I want to go all out, how much will it cost?
This is just an approximation. The prices will differ depending on where you buy your supplies.

$0 - Newspaper (keeps your place clean)
$1 - Glue gun sticks (pkg. 8)
$1 - Measuring/Mixing cup
$1 - Pens (pkg. 2)
$2 - Hot glue gun
$2 - Wiring Loom/Ventilator tube (pkg. 2)
$3 - 100 grit sandpaper
$3 - Utility-knife
$5 - Paintbrushes (1½in diameter) (pkg. 2)
$8 - Goggles
$10 - Adhesive glue
$10 - Fiberglass (pkg. 3 mats or pkg. 1 roll)
$10 - Latex gloves (pkg. 10)
$15 - 110lb cardstock (pkg. 250)
$15 - Resin !TOXIC!
$20 - Bondo
$20 - Electric dremel
$25 - Muslin
$25 - Resperator mask
$30 - LED/Fan kit
$30 - Helmet padding
$35 - Powered sander
$60 - HJC Visors (pkg. 2)
$60 - Underarmour suit

You can find all of the supplies that you need at Walmart.

Alternative Materials.
- Spackling
- Metal glaze

- Drywall mesh tape
- You could use the same stuff they use for bandaging broken arms.

HJC Visor
Get a non tinted visor and spray it with tinting spray paint, you can find it at Canadian Tire.
- eBay
- Go to a motorcycle store

Where do you buy cardstock?
Don't worry about the brand names they don't mean anything.

Office Depot
Michaels Arts and Crafts

What kind of glue do I use?
Hot glue - Strong/May cause burns
Electrical tape - Easy to work with/Weak
Tacky glue - Easy to work with/Takes time to dry
Superglue - Strong/Dries too fast (they say you can lift a piano with a 3x3 inch of this stuff, if the paint didn't come off first.)

Glue stick - Very weak
Clear tape - Resin might eat through it
Duct tape - Resin might eat through it

Where can I find a really cheap set of underarmour?
Canadian Tire
Military surplus stores
Paintball stores
Sports stores

Miscellaneous questions

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
The answer to this age old question has perplexed people for eons.

Part of the reason the question is so difficult to answer is that the amount of wood that woodchucks would chuck on a given day varies greatly with the seasons and with the metabolisms of any individual woodchuck.

Modern internet technology has advanced to the point that we can reliably monitor the amount a woodchuck chucks in real time.

Do you know the muffin man?
Yes, I know the muffin man. Who lives on Drury Lane?
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hit the "123" tab in pepakura to give it numbering, some files are set to be automatically numbered while others are not....btw I answered the question lol.
AoBfrost said:
hit the "123" tab in pepakura to give it numbering, some files are set to be automatically numbered while others are not....btw I answered the question lol.

Thank you so much I've been trying to figure it out for months!
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AoBfrost said:
hit the "123" tab in pepakura to give it numbering, some files are set to be automatically numbered while others are not....btw I answered the question lol.

I don't care if you did. All I care about is getting the random questions and answers in one spot.
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When I unfold, I have a huge peice that covers 4 pages and the scale I have is correct. Did I do something wrong such as flip, no flip ect.?
Shadow_Killer801 said:
When I unfold, I have a huge peice that covers 4 pages and the scale I have is correct. Did I do something wrong such as flip, no flip ect.?
I have a question that i can't find the answer for by searching. I finshed my pep helmet, but the opening is too small. I heard someone say to trim it but I want to know is there a specific place to trim as to not ruin the look of the helmet? Or trim anyhere on the bottom.
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Hey i`m new and i looked around for a while on the right glue to use on pep amour and i could not find it anyone no the right glue to use
bombachoo said:
Hey i`m new and i looked around for a while on the right glue to use on pep amour and i could not find it anyone no the right glue to use

From Sigma-LS's pepakura FAQ:
In order of preference:
1. Low Temperature Hot Glue (Will say on glue gun)
2. Superglue
3. Electrical Tape (Resin will not eat through much. Use in place of ductape.)
4. other non dissolvable glues (other glues may work when you put the paper together but the resin will dissolve it when you fiberglass it and your model will fall apart in front of your eyes)

1. clear tape
2. dissolvable glues
3. duct tape

Yay! I knew the answer! Or at least where to find it! Sorry for stealing anyone's thunder.
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hmm i used a dollar shop glue stick AND clear tape and the resin hasn't eaten through yet. the toner on the paper comes off a bit though. glue's holding up just fine.
i used the UHU brand, actually cost me $3.


"4. other non dissolvable glues (other glues may work when you put the paper together but the resin will dissolve it when you fiberglass it and your model will fall apart in front of your eyes)"

not so much. mine's water soluble (not sure if resin has water in it) and all the glue joints were just fine. it did not eat through my tape (clear tape), as you can see in my post i taped the brim to hold it in place and even resined over it, and it didn't dissolve.
Is there anyway to change the color of the "lines where you cut"? My black cartridge ran out of ink and now everything is printing in yellow. :(

Bascially I want my color cartridge to print black or something.. I Guess. Sigh.
sorry, your color cartridge can't print black. that's why you have a separate black cartridge.

and i don't think pepakura will let you change the line color. pattern maybe, not color.
When you unfold the peice, pepakura natrually makes it as 1 huge peice, the way to combat this is to right click the peice, and click "join disjoin faces" then click on where on the armor you want to cut it, cut it into many peices to make building easier, but all armor out there is already separated for you to resize and print.
I've been reading these forums for awhile, but I can't find an answer on the best way to attach the visor to the helmet. I have read that I will have to cut it to fit, but where do I go from there?
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