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What's the funniest story of your life lets give each other a laugh if we can and share what you can to cheer up yourself and others. Here's mine:
2 years ago I built a mini-spartan suit for my 6 year old brother using the pep method and since it was for only Halloween night it was'nt meant to survive. Well it took me about 15 minutes to get the suit on him where he would hold still for me to get the suit on him so after all that time we finally went trick or treating him and me in spartan suits after it was over with we got home and I realised I screwed up I glued the paper parts to his bodysuit like I glued my suit to my undersuit but not to the skin, unforuntaly I glued it a little too much to the point of I could'nt get the suit off him and remember back then I was a noob and did'nt know the strapping method, so after struggling with the parts I only glued the thighs and biceps and used velcro for the chest in all my frustration I ripped the parts from the undersuit, and he yells out "mommy he's trying to kill me" lol I fell down laughing when he said this and my mother had to step in to remove the rest. thankfully my parts were easier to remove and after that happened I looked into strapping my V2 suit which some of you now see on my Facebook.


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I remembered it like it was only a few hours ago(It was a few hours ago)

Today, I went my grandma's house for a visit. My dad got this brochure from one of my uncle, he told me to put it in the van. My grandma's house is on a hill so I had to walk down the not so long hill but then....I slipped on moss but with my NINJA REFLEXES!!! I didn't fall but two of my other cousins did. Then came the part, I put the brochure in the van and stood behind the door, a car passed by with wind and pushed the door close.....door hit me on my man-part.

Hope that makes someone's day!! I'll post more up.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That was great! hahahahahahaha oh man THAT made my day :D

Probably my funniest story was in year 10 when I used to flirt with this girl a LOT (She later became my girlfriend for a couple of months but we broke up because I moved 2000km away and it was hard to maintain a relationship). Anyways, I was doing a gig at a sort of mid to high profile function with my schools big band. And this girl rung me on my phone asking if I needed to borrow a guitar because mine was in the shop getting fixed. And I naturally assumed this was her own mobile phone number, so the next day at school I texted her saying "Hey babe, whats up?" and I never received a reply. So I asked her at lunchtime why she didn't reply and she said "I never got any texts". So I showed her the number and she said "That's my mums number. I called you off my mums phone". And I swear I stood there for about a minute open mouthed just like in the movies. It was so embarrassing and awkward I didn't know what to do at all. And whenever I went over her house (when she was my girlfriend) her mum would ALWAYS bring it up and make everything awkward. Even when we were in her room making out one time she walked in and said "Hey babe, what's up?" with every sexual pun intended. And then thankfully I moved away and haven't seen her mum since. Hope that makes someones day also. :)


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Well, I don't know why I am thinking of this right now, but this is one of the highlights of my time in the military:

My company was in the woods for some excercise, playing war and defending our country against the vicious "North Men" (no joke, they called them that). Eventually, night came and me and a mate were on patrol. We had been instructed on which route to take during the day, so that we would cover all the emplacements and make sure nobody fell asleep there. But now it was night, new moon and therefore pitch-black. You couldn't see anything, literally, so we ended up hand-on-shoulder so we couldn't get separated. Lucky us nobody saw that... must have looked hilarious, like a two-guy polonaise.
We were supposed to patrol for an hour and make three or four rounds in that time, but obviously we got lost after five minutes, stumbled through all the fire sectors of our own and the neighbouring company's emplacements (none of them noticed us, luckily... they probably fell asleep after all without us knocking on their door every 20 minutes) and eventually, after an hour and a half or so, our CO told us on the radio to (quote, translated) "Get the **** back. NOW!" Again, we got lucky, because the fire was faintly visible again, so we went straight for it with slightly increased speed... and then my mate ran into a low branch that hooked into his glasses, pulled them off his nose and hurled them away. Not that it mattered, considering the darkness, but the next ten minutes were frantic search on his part, sifting through all the rubbish on the ground and then our CO radioed us again, asking (quote, translated): "Where the hell are you? I told you to come back!". Now, explain to your CO that you, the patrol, are sitting under a tree searching for a lost treasure. Not fun, so instead we told him we were almost there, quit the search and decided to mark the place for the next day. My mate had nothing that could be used, the only thing I had was glow-in-the-dark band (used to mark things... like the way). But of course he couldn't find that in my large back pocket. What he did find was my toilet paper (don't laugh, you gotta be prepared when you go into the forest!), so we took a few metres of that and put it into the branches, dangling in the wind. Then we reported back to the camp.
Now. The next day... guess where that mysterious marker was? It was a mere ten metres (no kidding!) away from the camp's entrance. My mate also found his glasses (by then stepped on and broken, I still believe he did that himself during the night :)) and the toilet paper in the tree certainly was a morale boost for a few hours. It also just so happened that from then on, the two of us weren't sent on patrol ever again...


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I don't have anything funny that happend to me yet, but this happend to my brother.

Some time ago, we had a Jerry in the house(A mouse DUH!). I was armed only with a broom and a scoop thing(just in case I got a kill). My brother hates jerrys, so I told him to help me out. He opened the door while I cleared out some shoes while he watched.

Out of nowhere, the mouse runs away and my bro FREAKS OUT! He didn't want the mouse to touch him, so he jumped with his legs in the air. When I looked back, he was on the floor, face up with his foot in the wall. I think I laughing for a good 5 minutes.

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