Post your video thread


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after looking at mustangs thread i thought it would be pretty cool to, if you have any you have made, post your own videos that you have made.
I have three, and the zoolander one was just for a french project and thought it came out pretty good since i had to sync all of our moves with the movie and everything, the halo Ce one is really kind of crappy because i just recorded a bunch of stuff and threw in random clips with a song, and the paperball thing was just a stupid idea thing i did when i was bored. so if anyone else has some vidoes they made, post them. - Halo - Zoolander - might be funny with a couple dime bags, lol jk


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dude, jeremy, nice stop-animation vids. And nice footage of your "spartain" suit, go ahead and post it in the hall of honor if ya want.