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Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by 23Magnum, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Well the update has caused a bit of turmoil for some of us using Internet Explorer to browse the site. Especially pertaining to YouTube videos for some odd reason. I believe I have worked out the issue and have rewritten this small tutorial to hopefully help out those wondering what to do.

    First, if you ARE using IE, update to version 8. This will not only help with this problem but it seems to load the pages of this forum much faster.

    (Video borrowed from Adam's Mold Making Tutorial)

    Anyway, when posting a YouTube Video the code used to have to look like this...

    ...which now gives you this...


    Now it seems that this is the code you need for YouTube videos to display properly. (You can also use 'youtube' in place of 'media' as demonstrated below)

    (Notice that you need the entire link now instead of just what is after the equal sign in the address)

    ...the code now works as you can see here...


    Much of the code work is taken care of now with the media button. Just make sure to use the entire link now instead of just the partial for youtube videos.

    Also, the embed code from YouTube still does not work on the forums.


    Another note: It seems you can only post so many video codes per post.

    Hope this helps,

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  2. Vexona

    Vexona Well-Known Member

    :claps: Yay I hope people read this :) You've laid it out easy here. No more white boxes!
  3. Crossfire

    Crossfire Member

    This needs to be pinned
  4. Fragclone

    Fragclone Well-Known Member

    si' lol
  5. Robogenisis

    Robogenisis Well-Known Member

    <div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>[video]47Y8GW3AW7c[/video]</div>
    You can write it like that by putting the code in between code brackets,
    It makes it easier because you don't have to say "Without the *'s".
  6. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(Robogenisis @ Jan 11 2008, 08:54 PM)

    Danke :)
  7. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    I updated this tutorial to reflect the changes brought about by the update to IPB 3.

    Enjoy. :)

    VIKING New Member

    I would like to say thank you very much to the 405th membership for helping me and my club make Halo for our 2010 show this past New Years night in Philadelphia. We work the entire year making the Halo costumes and the members at 405th had a ton of information and video's on how to make paper costumes into armor.The South Philly Vikings won the 2010 top prize and are now the champs with a big thank you to 405th board.

    Please click on this link and enjoy an outstanding production from the 2010 champs:

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  9. shadowslayer552

    shadowslayer552 New Member

    As far as I can see it still doesn't work. i'm using google chrome though i suppose..
  10. SchlagerNinja

    SchlagerNinja Jr Member

    I'm using chrome and it doesn't work for me either. To see those vids, I've got to copy the link from where the vid should be located in these forums. But it doesn't really matter that much to me, only that there's a bug to be fixed. :3
    This thread was really helpful and gives imo a big hand for beginners like me (atm) in 405th forums. Job well done, so to say :D
  11. ehmpee143

    ehmpee143 New Member

    i am a youtube uploader.
  12. linda87st

    linda87st New Member

    claps: Yay I hope people read this :) You've laid it out easy here. No more white boxes![​IMG]

    I like great forum
  13. adamp

    adamp New Member

  14. rob234ski

    rob234ski New Member

    Thanks for this valuable information. It is really impressive .
  15. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

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