Pouring a fiber glass Helmet mold

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What is the cost of the fiberglass liquid that would fill 1 mold of the solid helmet piece. I want durable beasts to sell to people as great helms. Also what is some nice paint that is H3 accurate that you people use on your armor. Last question, when you make a mold, what do you make the physical mold out of and when you pour in the fiberglass liquid how do you hold the mold shut????Thanks guys, hook me up with a answer soon if possible.
1. Well i would recommend polyurethane to cast with, you could use fiberglass but is more expansive. About the cost i cant help you (dont live in the states). http://www.smooth-on.com/ got a lot of molding stuff i would say look it up.
2. Do a search on paint, Adam had the paint code for H3
3. You need a kind of molding rubber that you can put brush on
3. Look up MOLDAPALOOZA! ;)

Thanks to Sean :rolleyes
Therefore I'm doing that ;)

There isn't a big different between a normal mold and en shell mold. The last steps are not what i use to but i can manage myself ;)
I would make it out of cardboard man it is really expensive to buy all that stuff even from the internet. Unless of corse you feel like spending a few hundred dollars. Someone put a list up of where to get silicon and plaster and all that good stuff.
it would be ok if it was your "3d art" but some one else came up with the design and m$ owns the rights to it, you wouldnt make copies of some ones painting and sale them
But, you MADE it. Thisgs are still sold on this site all the time.
The law states that only the meterial that THE COMPANY MADE is to not be sold. It doesn't matter what it is, if you made it, you can sell it. Period. End of discussion.
It has to do with IP laws.
IP stands for Intellectual Property; in general, the originator of the concept is the owner of it and it can be sold, gifted, and willed.

In general, (yes, it get's way more complicated; copyright & trademark laws are also a part of this)
the owner has all say in what happen to the IP and works derived from the IP
Profitting from someone elses IP without permission from the owner is theft
If you do anything that devalues an IP without permission from the owner is also illegal
---exception, competition is allowable, so long as it does not use material unique to the devalued IP

Theoreticaly, this means that as long as you don't make a profit and you don't harm the IP you're OK; but in reality, you are still on thin ice as you are at the mercy of the IP holder
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