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So, a while ago I pre-ordered My Halo 3 Legendary Edition there, but only recently that I got no sort of ticket, or whatever you might call it. Did they mess up, or is it just like you go, say your name, and they check it on their computer? I still have the reciet, if that matters. Just a question, tanks for your time.
When I had mine preordered all I received was a receipt also.

138.44$, well that’s Minnesota were tax is really high =P. Paid full on the spot though, that way I can just get it picked up rather then having to pay the rest when I go back.

I wouldn’t be worried if I were you. ;-) Otherwise I should be worried also.

yea, all we do is give a reciept and thats all you need. all the info is in the computer, but you ahve to go back to the gamestop that you pre-ordered it from to get it on sept. 25. i know, i work there
I'm preordering a normal copy once teh funds are in. Summer is 2 weeks away! 10 days of school left for me!
You pre order and they pull it up on the computer...

When i got my 360[gamestop] they sold mine before i got there because 'they were in high demand' and I preordered i dont know- even though you preordered it you still might want to get there the first day just for security....

my friend moved from out of state[gamestop] and reserved his halo 3 and asked a local [gamestop] and the said 'sorry you have to go to the one you preordered it at..' and thats half-way around the globe!


(its all a conspiracy!)
all preorders are held for 48hrs as for the half way around the globe thing, if he calls the gamestop he pre-ordered at they can put the credit on a g-card and over the phone transfer it to the new gstop, provided that halo 3 preorders are still available at that time
wow looks like someone is speaking from experience?

ayway Eb games is always better[in my opinion]
I bought/reserved halo 2 there and it went great..they even GAVE me the guidbook free "go ahead take it...its on the ttaxes"
they told me later that they got a 450$ tax refund!
(to much tax for the government to take so they have to give some back)
yeah I manage a Gamestop

GameStop owns E.B.
Software Etc.
Rhino Games
and a couple more I can't think of right now

= E.B. not better than GameStop
Sorry :lindsey:
Arn't they both owned by the same parrent company? I once usded an EB card at Gamestop, and they accepted it.

It's Civil War time.

Thanks for the help, guys. That's a relief.
Sorry if offence given...
im just sayin- I've had better experiences at E.B. than at Gamestop...but i can say there was once where i questioned E.B.
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