1st Build Preferred spray paint brand and color for ODST?


New Member
Looking for suggestions on what spray paint brand (and color) to use for my 3d printed ODST cosplay. I've been looking at Rustoleum Stops Rust and Montana Gold but have been hesitant to decide on one or the other because the former doesn't have colors I'm 100% on and the latter has assorted finishes (that may not interact with a clear coat well).

So, anyone have any suggestions or experience with spray paint brands they care to share? Any colors they'd recommend for the armor base? Also, is mixing different brands as bad as everyone says it is?
I'm a big fan of Rust-Oleum "gun metal grey". It's a beautiful color. Idk how close it is to game accurate but it makes an awesome base armor color.


Also I mix brands a bit and have never had a problem.

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