Printed Halo 4 Master Chief armor!

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Super excited got a 3d printer for Christmas and I have only been working on this armor since February. Hope to keep this steady work pace and have it completed by August.
Looking good so far my dude! What are you using as filler?
I’m actually using culking sparkle. I have three kids that like to watch or “help” so I wanted the least harmful thing I could use. It’s actually working really well too! Still a couple more sands but this leg is almost done.


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Those files are amazing. Did you make them or where did you find them?

Those files are amazing. Did you make them or where did you find them?
I did not make them I got them from Thingivers. Here is the profile of the creator Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects he has them all on his page. They are initially made for some one who is 6'2". I am 5'11" so I scaled them down to 96% and so far it has worked out. with that sizing they wont fit me perfect with out a padded under suit but i plan on making a tech suit from scratch. Hope this info helps.
Had some hick ups Extruder tension arm broke on one of my printers, and my mother in law visited. so could focus on my print. I printed a new arm and I am back on track will hopefully have a big update at the end of the week.


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It might be worth it to get the metal extruder replacement kit. Also a Capricorn Bowden tube. I've heard some pretty bad horror stories about both of these breaking on enders so I've pre-emptively replaced my own. Wasn't too hard or expensive tbh.

I'm excited to see some more progress when it happens :)
Alright main torso is pretty much ready for final paint. Just a couple small spots to fill and sand but I’m pretty happy with the first test fitting.


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Will you use some kind of sealing for the pieces? fiberglass or something similar for hardness and deformation in the sun? The armor is looking beautiful, I'm also doing it :D
So I have actually been printing in pla+ it is more heat resistant than normal pla and I use uv resistant clear matte spray paint as my final coat. I dont need a hardening agent because I print thick walls and a decent amount of infill so it is already very hard. I have done a couple of drop tests and no brakes so far. My goal with this build was to use as little toxic material as possible (I have 3 kids that dont understand toxic fuems). The most toxic thing in my build is the glue and spray paint.
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