Problem with printing pepakure

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ok i did all the steps in the tutorial and i press print a little window pops up and says "A part of development may not fit into the printable area adjust scale? and when i press yes all it does it take me to print preview it looks fine but when i print the first page half of it comes out on my paper i dont know why please. :eek


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Yeah, hate to be the jerk. But if you have that problem, chances are you didn't follow the tutorial completely. Look into making sure that you have the right paper size, that Pepakura and your printer are set up to landscape, and that none of your pieces overlap edges.


This doesn't happen when your pieces overlap, but when your pieces transcend two or more pages, or are outside the printable area (in the gray). Even if it seems like the pieces are all in the boxes, this can still pop up if the a piece is touching just the edge of the dotted lines. Don't press "yes" when it asks you to adjust scale, hit "no" and print as is. A corner or two of some of your pieces may get slightly cut off, but that can be easily fixed. If a very large portion is cut off when you print but not on the screen, check the paper settings, like WanderingRon1n said.
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