Problem with scaling of a helmet


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Hello everyone,

in December I got 4 weeks of vacation and wanted to continue the project I started in the summer of this year: to build a Halo Reach helmet.

As Pepakura model I choose the following file from Chernobyl:

After the helmet I build in summer I learned that I maybe should scale the model before I start printing and sticking it together (I learned it exactly at the moment I wanted to put the helmet on my skull:cry).
With the measurement tool of Pepakura I choose the measurements of the helmet so the opening of the helmet fits on my head. First, I checked that the helmet fits from ear to ear, then I checked the helmet fits from my nose to the backside of my head. The good thing after the last step is: I don’t have to fear that the helmet doesn’t fit from ear to ear or that there can be troubles with the height of the helmet, but the result is a real huge helmet (Not to say a monumental helmet). The depth of the helmet is almost 50cm.
Now I don´t know if I got such a large skull or I did something terrible wrong.

It would be wonderful if someone could tell me, that he got such a large skull and a huge helmet too or what I did wrong.

Thank you in advance!


PS: Sorry for the horrible English:(


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Well, I would suggest just measuring the height of your head and inputting that measurement. Pepakura scales the rest of the helmet accordingly, so if your helmet is smaller after doing that, then that is most likely the correct size.
My solution has come from something I say on my friends 3D printed helmet. What you need to focus on is making sure your ears can fit within the helmet and are at least 1 centimetre from the interior walls of the helmet. After that you just build it to the point of painting and then segment off the back of the helmet. From the images I have googled you have quite a significant area at the back of the helmet you could remove and magnetize/elastic back onto the rest of the helmet. I wouldn't call it the most glamorous way t do it, but it is effective and, with a little fiddling, can be applied to most helmets.