Procedural Armour Texture Setup for Blender


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I recently made a Belos Horan helmet from MCC that was to be used in a render of a spartan. To make the textures, and to make the final product customisable by the renderer, I used Blender's shader nodes to create a procedural armour texture that includes a base colour, edge chipping, dirt in crevices, as well as dirt and dents/chipping applied overall.
So far this is just set up for easy control of the colour, but all the other factors can be tweaked as well. Let me know if you want it set up so it's easier to adjust other factors too, without having to dive into the node setup!






That's the node setup, but don't worry, the colour can be controlled with the panel below to the right:


To use this on your own model (I do recommend having a basic understanding of nodes in Blender):
Download the file here. In the Blender file that you want to use this in, go to File - Append, and find this Blender file (ArmourTextureDemo.blend). Once you double click on it, open up the "NodeTree" folder and select "Colours". It should be available for you to add in as a group node and connect to your node output.

These files are under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons. That means you are able to remix and share the files, and use them commercially, as long as I am credited as the creator.

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405th Regiment Officer
Wild, could there be a way to implement this along with the already existing diffuse and Normal maps to really give it a PBR 3 feel?
You can connect normal map nodes to bump nodes (which is what the setup uses), so hopefully it'd stack with normal maps! With diffuse, it should be a case of connecting an image to the base colour instead.

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