Project Hyper V2 WIP and Bi-Weekly Update


This is my second version of my fully 3D printed MK6 Spartan Armor from Halo 3. The first version was a failure do to Covid-19 so I am remaking and updating design on the second version. I am going to do bi-weekly update.


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Update 1 (Oct. 20, 2021
I finished 3D printing the Helmet and both Hand-plate.

The Helmet is more detail than the original version and almost ready for paint

The Hand-plate are bigger in size so it cover my hand more than the 1st Version and also alms ready to be painted

I am going to be getting 4 more spool of pla so I can start printing the bicep and forearm piece of the armor


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Update 2 (Oct. 28, 2021)

So while I wait to get more PLA Filaments I decided to finished off my helmet and Handplate and paint them.

When you look at the helmet you will notice that I didn’t completely finished smooth down and fix any issues with the helmet because I want to have damaged look and a messy look, so the helmet with natural dent and crack line is smear paint is a way to bring a realistic damage and messy look. I also 3d print the tube that I will be installed in the front of the helmet and that will complete the body of helmet then I just need to installed a visor. Plus the stripe in the middle is accurate to Halo 3 paint layout. Color scheme is Fire Red - Steel - Black

The Handplate is just painted red and black detail.

The next thing up to print will be the forearm then the bicep


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Update 3 (Nov. 9, 2021)

So I got more PLA Filament and I been printing the left biceps. I had make some readjustment to the bicep so it will work in ArmorSmith program. (It was only a layout scale) So I got my Bicep and Forearm size on ArmorSmith.

I started printing the Left biceps armor but it fail when I did the armor in one piece so I had to slice the bicep into 4 pieces. The left biceps should be done printing by this Friday and I will start the R Bicep Saturday or Sunday.

Also, last week I printed some tube vent to installed into the slot and it look a lot better I am going to 3d print a Visor and then make a mold for it so I can vacuum form the visor so I can have a real visor from halo 3 and not a motorcycle visor.


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Update 4 (Nov. 22, 2021)
I got the right bicep 3D printed and I got the pieces weld together so very sturdy but my 3D printer is now out of order until I get the part to fix it. Hopefully I will have it fix before Christmas. Fingers crossed

Also the due date is a week of Fan Expo Dallas which is June 17, 2022


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