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One man can only do so much research into Halo lore. Perhaps the community has answers where I have come up short. For the sake of world building, I need the following answered:

Immediately after the destruction of Long Night of Solace, what fleet arrived? The 3 CAS/CSO had a black and blue color scheme, the 10 CCS were gray.

Is there a "president of the planet" type role? Or are the various cities effectively how countries are today? Governor Sloan (H5) governed less than 6k people

Do government officials have term limits in Halo lore?

How long is Tribute's day night cycle, and is there any established geography other than the waterfront of Casbah?
I think the fleet arriving after the destruction of LNoS was that of Thel 'Vadam. Thee fleet of Particular Justice. Seeing as that was the one that followed the Pillar of Autumn to Alpha Halo (04). The long night was apparently part of Fleet of Valiant Prudence.

Now that i read some of the wiki about this there could have been a different one arriving before Particular Justice. Fleet of Righteous Vigilance. But seeing as intel on covenant fleets were always a bit sketchy you could go for Particular Justice arriving.

There is a role of planetary governor. On Harvest this was Nils Thune. They are elected but I'm unsure how long their term is. Effectively an entire planet is one "country". A single colony started on that planet and then the people spread out farther. But i do believe cities and "counties" could exist. Those being led by a Mayor.

For Tribute I can't help much. The day night cycle you could calculate but that is quite something. Haven't looked into it too deep yet. You would also take some liberties to get something that works. Otherwise just pick something that would/could fit as there is no other source.

I hope these answers help ;)
The mention of Nils Thine is particularly helpful, on that, I'm trying to wrap my head around what the government hierarchy would look like for Tribute. Currently there is little information on the planet. This creativity wise is fantastic, but without concrete sources it leaves a lot to be retconned
A follow up in search of more information. The Pillar of Autumn as depicted in Reach was the Halcyon "refit", meanwhile the community seems to consider the CE design an "unaltered Halcyon". So what's the difference between the refit the PoA received versus the other Halcyons of the era?
(The Halcyon platform received a variety of upgrades as the war went on)

My question boils down to, using the Reach model as a base, what needs to be removed to turn the ship into not the Pillar of Autumn? ie. a 'normal' refit Halcyon
back at it again, i like to research and read up on these things

'normal' refit Halcyon
Not much is canonically known about this class of ship. Main armament was upgraded from a single light MAC to one that could fire 3 rounds in quick succession. This was combined with extra capacitors and a system that could recycle the power used.

The original halcyons also only had 6 Archer missille pods. This was upgraded to 32 pods (holy cow).

Info also shows that only 50 of this class of ships were build. And just a mere 11 had that honeycomb structure. That stucture gave those ships the ability to pack quite a punch before going down. It also made them very expensive.

Believe it or not, it was decommisioned for almost 30 years. I think due to its poor armament. Other ships were bigger and had more and better weapons. Only in 2550 the Autumn returned to active service because humanity had no other ships left. Thats also when it received it's upgrades.

The old MK2 fusion reactors were replaced. Those had not enough output and used a chemical agent to dissipate heat. They just dumped the hot chemicals into space.

This is the most usefull stuff i could find. Biggest problem maybe is that this class was made after they had the idea for the Autumn. So no real information is available about it.
I suppose the wiki about covered it then... I was hoping there was some extra information out there. Based on the existing images of Halcyons in lore, the PoA appears the most modified while others fall somewhere in-between it, and the CE version....

The best I've been able to find is "Halo: Collateral Damage" depicting multiple Reach variants in addition to multiple CE variants.

In that note, it seems reasonable to potentially make two or three models. With different gun configurations and number of drop bays
in case you need some reference photo's. i do have the dark horse model of the autumn. could snap some sweet pics for you ;)
Fortunately its been covered pretty well already. As best as I can tell its sculpted after the Reach model
Two for one! In an attempt to find the fuel time of a Covenant vessel, the final piece of the puzzle I need to know is how much fuel they carry.

The Raid on Verge disrupted the Covenant supply line, as such their decisions would have been made with this in mind.... Crucial information to know if you ask me.

Part two, if you guys were to balance a multiplayer game, how would you do it? Personally, I'd start with a beta using randomized weapon spawns with no map spawns. From there, the total number of weapon and vehicle kills for a set period of time can be used as a "power score". At which point, the weapons and vehicles can either be modified or, their spawn rate can be adjusted to account for how overpowered they are (snipers, rockets, etc)

Later on, spawn locations would be chosen in a similar manor by monitoring the distribution of use. If every match, only one player gets kills with the rocket where it previously was a leader, then the spawn location gets changed
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