PROJECT ROSENDA - Halo Reach Concept Art: Rosenda-A344


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Don't get me wrong, I love my CQB SPARTAN-III but after two years it's starting to show wear in a few spots from being tossed and banged around the western part of North America. For an upgrade that utilizes different techniques and lessons learned from the various costumes and props I've built since early 2018 I want to tackle a character that we know very little about and have very few visual references for.

Think of it as a freebuild character but going for accuracy to flesh out what limited 2D images we have of her and bring her into the real world. From the PAX 2010 Bungie panel we saw the Noble Team members and their concept loadouts, Rosenda is the third from the left.

The good thing is there is several dynamic poses of the seven members of Noble Team so that I can piece together a rough three view orthographic projection and work backwards to create a model. For certain parts that have a rough analogue with in game armour pieces I'll be able to fill in the blanks but for the most part this will be a lot of guesswork and going with what looks good while still matching up to the concept art that has the Bungie stamp of approval.

Overall the plan for this suit is to go with a hybrid build method of foam and 3D printed components as well as some other materials to improve upon comfort and wearability of my previous two SPARTAN operatives. I'd like Rosenda to be even more nimble then my other builds so there will likely be plenty of foam pieces on the lower body and more 3D printed parts further up since they're always the ones that I seem to cause the most damage to in foam.

As usual I will use the original post as an index to link to other posts of note as well as a tracking sheet for progress and material consumption.

Helmet - CQC U/A HUL [Designed]

Modelling - 16 hours

Torso - Mk.V Concept with Commando Attachment and Collar [Complete]

Shoulders/Biceps - Recon(L) FJ/Para(R) [Awaiting Progress]

Gauntlets - U/A Buckler[Awaiting Progress]

Thighs- Mk.V Concept with Tactical/Hard Case [Awaiting Progress]

Shins/Boots- Mk.V Concept with GUNGNIR Knees [Awaiting Progress]

Under Suit - [Awaiting Progress]

Machine Gun Concept [Awaiting Progress]

M6G Personal Defense Weapon System [Awaiting Progress]

Combat Knife [Awaiting Progress]

Armour Ability [Designed]

Build Cost Tracking
Materials Consumed

Expendable Materials Consumed

Tools Purchased for Build

Printer Replacement Parts

Consumables Consumed

Number of Coffees Consumed - 3
Number of Rims Rolled Up - March 11th :)
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Volume of Alcohol Consumed - Yes (Hoyne Dark Matter[3])


Division PR, RMO and BCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
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From that description it sounds like Rosenda has PTSD.
Rosenda most definitely has PTSD but at least she won't go kookoo bananas when Insurrectionists show up (which was kind of the reason the SPARTAN-III program was made?) like Emile apparently might.

Also a quick note that Turbo has several FEMALE Spartan builds... lol
So what you're saying is I shouldn't tell you my next down the list of SPARTANs to build...

In all seriousness though, I am really looking forward to another TurboCharizard build! You do great work, my friend, it's always a pleasure to see what you turn out!
Thanks friend!

This thread started with a few blanks filled in for progress and the major one is that I've spent this past weekend (my first one not working, at a con or doing stuff with the fam jam since... October or November?) and just pushed through Rosenda's helmet. All the modelling was done in Fusion 360 and I think it turned out pretty good for the short amount of time spent.

Since CplYapFlip will be using one of these helmets for her SPARTAN-III I made sure to also model all the possible attachments in case she changes her mind or if our other local SPARTAN friends need a lid.

CQC comes in three varieties.
  1. Base
  2. U/A HUL
  3. CBRN
Bungie Concept for reference.

In canvas screen grabs of the different permutations completed.

1. Base

2. U/A HUL


4. Full Kit and Kaboodle

Everything external such as the Up Armour Panel, Hardened Uplink Module, CBRN mask and the two rebreather canisters are separable for easy printing and then depending on the size of the wearers head the main body can be printed in two, four or eight parts depending on the printer it gets fed to. CplYapFlip gets the prototype so she'll likely be posting progress photos of physical objects there before I do on this thread.


Division PR, RMO and BCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
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TurboCharizard is the Canadian Regiments resident Drag Queen and we love him for it. (y) (y) (y)
I don't know if I'd label myself as a Drag Queen since I don't quite have the showy personality or act down for the shows. I just have an appreciation for female SPARTAN characters and their canon armour loadouts usually seem to match up to my aesthetic for some reason.