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i need some pictures of some futuristic battle helmets and armor.

but the thing is, it cant be anything about Halo.
nothing about halo 1,2,3 ar the books.
just plain old ideas and photos (possibly drawings if you are willing)

this would help A lot. I know i am only 15, but all of my english teachers want me to write a book
about me being a hero in the years 2644 A.D. through to the year 2655 A.D.
I am serious about this. please support me, I am almost done the first Chapter.

I also need Armor names and ideas!

The story is about me and my squad (made up of the people who want to be in the the story from 405th forums.)
we try to save Mars from the enemy who are terrorists. (sounds stupid to put Mars in there, but it will be a great book.)

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! i need all the ideas I can get, I will keep everyone posted/updated on my story.


I need to also think of an enemy name (nothing stupid, but something original.)
the enemy will be people who try to take over Mars, and they are terrorists. plz think of something

PM me. The book will come up to a sum of more than 400 pages and less than 700 pages.

I will keep you posted, you can check my comments on my own user page (just click on my
picture next to this post and look for the comments part (on the right side of page)...thanx)


+Spartan-K22 (y)

P.S. If you want to be in the story, place the rank (must be below Liutenant) lol
and your last name. say if you want to live or die, or be saved. say how you want to die also.
PM me about this. or reply...

P.S.S. I need some book title ideas.

P.S.S.S. (last P.S. lol) i will dedicate my book to 405th Infantry Division Website for the support
they have given me...

EDIT!!! Please read all of this post. And please, just in case, re-read the first P.S. there is a little detail
in there about what rank you would like to be. thnx! ALSO! can somone of great power here on 405th forums Sticky this plz.
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Here's one I designed. The tube like things on the sides are oxygen tubes :p

PS. Sure, I'd like to be in the story. I'd like to be a gunner of some sort and my last name's Allen.
Beremus said:
Si nice lol!

what? what does Si mean? anyways, like I said, PM me if you want to be in the story.
list your last name and rank (must be below liutenant)


+SPartan-K22 (y)
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heres my story, k22 is my friend in rl, so dont flame me.

here it is

Book #1:
The Fight Of Earth

The story so far

The Galaxy has been in complete peace for 2000 years under the control of the United Universe Space Patrol. They have fought away all opposition but recently a new enemy has arrived. This enemy lies within them all. The human nature for destruction has overwhelmed some and compelled them to rebel against the Utopian order.
Earth is Their first target. Eighty percent of earth is now desert. The other twenty is wetlands. The rebels have now decided to use the deserts to hide from the U.U.S.P. A new era has now arrived. A new war of great proportions is Breaking out. Soon no one will know the luxury of peace and millions maybe even billions will die.

Chapter 1: Desert landing

07:39 – The falcon drop ships were en route to pick us up at 08:00 hours. First radio contact was now being established and secured. The hangar was abuzz with solders of all kinds waiting to be taking to Alpha Ground Zero. That was where we would carry out our mission against the rebels. Alpha Ground Zero is the capital of rebel resistance. Our mission is to land there and wipe out all the rebels.
I am lucky some may say. This is because I'm a member of the Highly Advanced Super Solders. We wear a special black ops Exo-Skeleton. This Exo-Skeleton is the most advanced piece of machinery behind a starship. Only three of us will be on this mission against the rebels.
“Boot up finished Z-44 ready for friendly scan.” buzzed my AI inside my helmet.
“Precede with Scan GP-109.” I replied.
I am Z-44. That is all i am referred to as in the U.U.S.P. I could smell the fear in the solders around me. Some were crying. They had good reason to be. The rebels had reverted to primal instincts making them very formidable. There tactics were unseen on the battle field.
08:00 – The Falcons had landed and were now boarding. I was to be the Driver of the R4457 LTAV. This is a highly advances Land Tactical Assault Vehicle. It ran off of a reactor core. It could go Twenty Seven years without needing more fuel.
I seated myself in the LTAV as four others climbed aboard. I slowly drove it up the ramp and into the falcon. Then a swirl of sand burst up from beneath the falcons as they throttled up for takeoff. One hundred and forty men were coming on this mission to hell.
The falcon was speeding thirty feet from the desert below. I accessed its mainframe from my AI to upload the terrain maps of the area. It was a relatively flat place we were heading so I decided it would be best for the LTAV to have its shields raised on landing. We were about two thousand miles from the base now and one hundred from the rebel capital.
09:23 – All hell broke loose. We were seventy five miles from Alpha Ground Zero when three missiles hit the mid section of our ship. The impact jarred the ship upward to forty feet where the pilot then tried to gain altitude. We rose up and up in a matter of seconds to five thousand feet then the inevitable happened. The ship split in two.
The air was thick with the suspense as the back half the ship i was in plummeted almost straight down.
“Z-44 I'm putting you into impact survival mode!” Screamed my AI
My visor went blank then so did my mind. I was knocked out by my AI for better survival chances.
12:00 – The hot sun beating down awoke me. I was on my back in the sand. The air hung thick with the smell of burning plastics and smoke. I rose to my feet to survey the area. The back half of the ship was about one hundred yards to my right while the front was nowhere to be found.
Suddenly my visor sprang to life as it was receiving Intel from and overhead satellite. I attempted to set up communications with the director back at U.U.S.P.
“Z-44 this is director Garison” was the voice over the comm.
“Sir there has been an attack!” I replied
“No there hasn't solder. You have never existed. You were all expendable anyway. Do you really think we would of sent one hundred and forty men to take a city of 3 million?.... ssassasasasbasbabsasbasbab”
The signal had ended. My heart sank. We were abandon in the deserts of earth to rot. Now i understood the rebels hatred for the corrupt U.U.S.P.

Chapter 2: Survival Check

I knew that deserts were harsh but how harsh i had never known. I needed to check for survivors. I walked over to the wreckage of the back half of the ship and started scanning for vitals. Three marines and one HASS were identified alive below the wreckage. Then I scanned for remaining technology. The LTAV was all that remained unharmed. That was do to the fact I turned on its shields.
I started searching for an escape door I could enter into the wreckage through. There was a small one on the port side that had been blown inward from the missile explosions. I crawled in slowly but inside was hell. The crash had killed many in very horrific ways. Some were crushed below large steel beams while others were killed by the sheer force of hitting the ground. As i walked around inside the wreckage my boots squeaked from the blood. I first located my LTAV then wandered deeper into the bowels of the wreckage. I came across another HASS solder lying face down on the floor. I rebooted his AI by sending him a short burst of static signal.
He rolled over reveling his HASS id. “K-22 i am Z-44. I'm now sending you the last 3 hours of recorded events from my AI.” I said to him
He sprang up and right into action. “Z-44 get back to the LTAV and get outside, ill be out with the marines soon.”
I ran back to the LTAV and hopped in. I booted it up and sped forward. I swerved around the bodies and came out of the ship where the ship broke in two. I spun around in the sand and around the impact crater. I drove up to the rim of the crater and used the LTAV's satellite connection to upload an image of the crash site.

The image showed our location compared to the objective. This meant unofficially we were still on the mission. The front half of the ship was 27 miles East North – East of our location.
K-22 then popped out of the ship with the three marines behind him. I circled down as they hopped in. K-22 mounted the energy turret on top and we sped off.
“how far is the front half of the ship Z-44?” yelled K-22 over the roar of the LTAV
“Twenty seven miles, well be there in thirty minutes at this speed.”
“Okay but approach them from the south and not at high speed as they may fire upon us” replied K-22.
We were about half way there when we saw a low to the ground rebel reconnaissance drone also known as a RRD. We stopped and went into cloaking mode as it flew over toward the back half of the ship.
When we came within sight of the front half encrypted messages flooded our radio communication. We slowed to a stop about twenty yards from the rim of the crater. We got out and walked to the rim and peered in. below lied thousands of rebels going through the wreckage. Thats when we spotted the prisoners. Thirty seven men were locked in a force field bubble as prisoners of war. K-22 wanted to open fire and try to free the men but i held him back because we surly would have been slaughtered down there.
“What are you thinking K-22!!” I yelled
“Look at them, the Rebels are treating them like animals!!” he yelled back
“Listen K-22 if we went down there we would be killed!!”
“Yes but as heroes not cowards!”
“No one knows we crashed at all!! K-22 I brought up communications with the director earlier, he said we were sent on a suicide mission. I suspect its to raise awareness about the developing war. You know nothing says HEY!! more than one hundred and forty dead solders. The truth is we are victims of politics and publicity not a war. We're not heroes, we're a sad tragedy in the face of humanity.” i said to him calmly
“So your saying one hundred and forty men get sent to this city to be killed. Then it gets all over the news as a tragedy to raise awareness for the war on rebels? So we die for a corrupt utopia government to continue?” he asked
“In short yes.”
he got up and walked back to the LTAV. He claimed up to the gunners seat and said quietly “come on guys we've got a utopia to restore, But this one will be uncorrupted.”
The marines and me returned back to the LTAV. I put it in reverse and backed up. At one hundred yards from the rim of the crater I spun it around and drove northwest all the way to the edge of the plateau then down into the valleys below.
It was time to plan the rescue.

Chapter 3: Camp, A plan and some Water.
Progress so far

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