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kerotan 36

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post what armor projects you are working on

i am working on:

EVA helmet 75%

CQB helmet 20%

mark six armor 10%

mark five armor 5% (i screwed up the scaling i was hoping to finish in one night ugh

mark 4 helmet{still scaling and such} 0 ?


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FS's detailed helmet: 90% needs resin glass and make a mold

Robogen's AR: 70% needs just 3 more pages of cut out pieces, then resin/glass

Stormtrooper armor assembly: 0% coming in mail december 21st in the afternoon.


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Scout helmet about 60% smoothed and detailed
Hayabusa helmet printed
EOD helmet folded awaiting resin
And wanting to do robogenisis' AR, that thing looks great.
Plus a few other non-halo things
Arms Race ODST suit: 30%
Mjolnir Mark VI : 30% (on hold at the moment, thinking about starting over)
FS's Assault Rifle: 50%
Pepakura Magnum: 50%


Ok...need more posts!! LOL

DF4L's Helmet: 90%

Robo's AR: 10% Printed the papers

TK Armor: 100%

TB Armor: 10% Just got my quote on my armor!


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dont know if this counts

westerfield helm completion: 75%( need gold visor, padding, and to put all last pieces together. 2 more rivets.)

Cardboard ODST helm: 0% ( tryin to think how im planning on doing this)


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If you dont have a project going on, I wouldnt share, but a update on me.

Stormtrooper armor is done, ready to troop.


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umm here are a few pics of my helm. I re did the paint job. i think i did a better job on this one. im happy with it.





i did it with adams colors. i think its a ok job. oh well thats my project that i wanted to show. enjoy!


I am working on:

-Cardboard Mark VI armor suit, helmet model phase 85%, torso armor model phase 80%, still planning rest of armor.
-Hayabusa helmet, model phase 100%, awaiting paint, possible reinforcement.
-Secret Battle Rifle project, unknown phase. :ninja:


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Working Altair's Hidden Blade (Check Sig)
Secret (Pending Time and Funds)
Timeshift's Beta Suit (Pending Time and Funds, :cautious: )
MKIV Mjolnir Armor Suit (Pending Time and Funds, noticing a pattern yet?)

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