Psp Themes I Made


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i made these, these are mine and i would like to share them with you psp fans
the mgs4 was my first and the best of all and i know you win enjoy them.
i do do requests but only if there appealing i do not in any way make dirty themes
so do not ask for one only games, movies, manga, and cartoons.

mgs4 this is the best on the web and thats saying something i never think the things i make look good if i die i want to be remembered for this.

hot fuzz isn't great but is cool if your a fan like me.

gundam i second this one to mgs4 absolutely love original gundam

looneytoons it was a request that i enjoyed making.

the ultimate gods of rocknroll ac/dc

the admin erased my doctor who theme i don't know why but ill reload it as soon as i find my usb cable for my psp

im currently working on a terminater salvation theme that i promise will be great.
hope you like the themes - zabicvamic

p.s. if you want to preview use your arrow keys to navigate.


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Your themes look good I especially like the MGS4 and Gundam ones, I'll have to download them for my psp.


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Me being a Psp owner, I don't find them very great. I use mine only on trips, and I use my 360 at home. But thats no excuse to not make them awesome looking. Nice work!