Psychopanda's Odst W.i.p.


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I've turned this into a WIP thread. I'll be posting my progress on my new HD ODST suit here.

If this is against any rules please inform me and I will remove it, I apologize if it is.

I was looking at the Pep Wiki to gather some HD pieces for my next build Which I plan on starting around Late January- early February of 2010.

I saw that there were atleast 3 helmets, 4 chest pieces, and 2 different boots (I know there were 3 different hand plates but I'm going to use the Halo 3 plates with more detail).

I was planning on using Flying Squirl's chest piece but I can't decide between Dannifood4less's or Flying Squirl's helmet. I was leaning towards Dannifood4less's helmet but I would like to get some input on this.

I was also wondering what the differences were in the boots, they both seem to look exactly alike, and were made by the same person.

Also, if you have HD MK-VI pieces that aren't listed on the wiki page please share them! :)

Thank you all in advanced.

Edit: after looking at the helms in pep I've started leaning towards flying squirl.I'm just wondering if all the things outlined in read are just pieces you attach to pre-existing pieces to add detail or.. yeah...


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i went with the d4's helmet model but there are both great versions , im pretty sure if you type "hd thighs" you will have a definate link on either where to find them or someones posted them"

sorry i'd send them to you but i dont know how i can exactly post it on here

better yet type "crackhead09" then you should have a definate link to the files or you could send a pm his way for the files

hope this helps


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If you need HD legs, click on my profile and then topics and theres a topic where i asked for them, they are posted up on there.


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Thank a lot you two. I was planning on the Dannifood4less helm but then I saw the extra detail on Flying Squirls. but then I saw the maze of struts within the helmet...and chest piece lol.

Edit: Thanks Sypher, I just realized the lack of HD legs on the wiki page. I think I might go in and try to add some files there.. blah
Yeah I'm not bashing Flyingsquirl,

He does AMAZING modeling work. :lol

in my opinion he has made most of the HD pieces we have today. :D

I'm just saying D4's is a refreshing change you know? ;)


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Thanks I'll probably take you up on that, I already have crackhead's shins and thighs but I'd like to see others. not saying I don't like crackhead's.

Edit: Does anyone happen to have HD biceps and forearms (Not the ones on the wiki page). Again, it's not that I don't like the ones on the page, I just like to have choices.

Edit 2: Still trying to figure out the difference in the boots.


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I decided to skip Mark VI for now and go for some ODST... I chose the torso as my first piece...

I used Belkalor's Torso piece.



I know these go on the suit but what exactly are they?



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Thank yew! I just finished the main chest piece. Printing out the left and right pieces now!

Sorry fo the craptastic pictures, all I have i my cellphone to take pictures.