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I have a few projects I've done with the whole pep/pattern/resin methods and I figured I should start posting them in the forums for once.

So this week I'm setting up for a few things, including doing an artist alley table but we (My friend and I) wanted to dress up. She isn't really a costumer or builder, but she really loved Pyrrha so I'm going to be making her headpiece this week and I figured jotting it down might be fun.

Eventually I may get to doing a whole set of armor, but this will just be the headpiece for now.

So materials:
1) Cardstock (or whatever you preferred material is) (we use 110ib in this house)
2) Resin (or whatever the proper sealant is for your preferred material)
3) Scrap paper/duct tape, Scissors, sharpie, pencil, etc. easy household items
4) Glue gunnnnnnnnnn
5) Paint, obvs. I will be using rustoleum's gold paint. Clearcoat too if you wanna be fancy
6) lil bit of velcro.
7) Some golden chain and some lil dingley doodads for the danglies near her ears

Getting your pattern:

Luckily there are a lot of good reference photos for Pyrrha

So I started out by just making a thick CHUNK of duct tape and there's probably a better way to go about this (like, using a measuring tape), but I am a very visual person and some times "common sense" just doesn't work for me.

I then drew a rectangle across two pieces of scrap paper about the width and length of the duct tape CHUNK so I could use the chunk as my guide.

I used some clips to secure the CHUNK to my target and based on seeing the width of it on her head was able to eye how big and where to make the real pattern sit.

With of adjustments of wrapping paper around her face, I was able to get a pattern for the crown. I had to redraw this pattern a few times to get it to sit correctly with her ears. Make sure if your Pyrrha needs to wear a wig that you measure your Pyrrha while they are in-wigged.

The CHUNK (its basically a band) and the pattern after the pattern was fixed and I cut it out:

Also, I cut it folded so it would be mostly-symmetrical.

From here, I made a few more adjustments to how I would cut the pattern in my preferred material. I added about a pinch of distance to the end of the headpiece so it would have room for me to add a strip of velcro. I also separated it into 3 pieces since my preferred material was not long enough to compensate for the circumference of her skull. I decided the seams would sit best at the base of the skull and at the front underneath the hair.

I secured these pieces with the fabled hot glue gun. I only used a dot in the back because I plan on separating it later and putting velcro there, but I was sure it wouldn't seal without warping if it wasn't a whole crown shape.

Pictured: My Victim wearing the preferred material before I seal it.

She looks so peaceful.

Anyways, it's sealing right now and it might take a day or two since it's cold out, but I'll post here again once I get around to painting it.


That weird line is a line of hot glue. Don't ask why I did it– I don't know why myself.
It helps it retain shape, kinda, a little.
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