Question about fiberglass.


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I currently don't own any fiberglass or resin, but I somehow found this guy that sells it. I would like to know how to fiberglass something without it being stained, as I'm making a 100% accurate cosplay from a game that came out in 1998. Recreating the texture would be impossible without making a second and I'm low on ink. The model is fully black and that'd destroy my remaining ink.


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Not 100% sure what you're saying, but I got plenty of experience working with fibre-glassing, which part may I ask with that? Your best bet after fibre-glassing is just giving it a good sanding job & UV resistant primer filler. Do wear appropriate mask to not breathe in the particles.

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If you're using pepakura designer (or even viewer, I think) you can remove the faces from the 3D model. That's the best way to print it.

Otherwise I'm not sure I understand what you're asking either.


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Also not sure what you are asking...

You can stain the epoxy/ resin using pigments That you paint over the fiberglass. You can stain the fiberglass itself with dye prior to resin/ epoxy. You can even paint over top of resin with all sorts of paints. Or you can leave resin/ epoxy “clear” to let the fiber product show (see carbon fiber). But that requires specific resins/epoxies.

If you are looking for a clear resin, West Systems 105 & 207 are my go-to product for clear resining.

If you are going to paint it... Bondo car body stuff does the trick and is readily available at most hardware/ automotive shops.

Resgardless of what you use, safety first, the fumes from this will mess up your lungs. Only operate in a well ventilated space with an appropriate respirator. Also use gloves and be careful not to get it on yourself... it can be a skin irritant too!