Question about Resined parts

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It's been about 6 hours since me and my Dad resined all the remaining parts and added a second layer to a few others, including helm.

This got me noticing that the parts are not all symmetrical, because the folds could have ended up popped out instead of in and vice versa, and while this could be fixed before, now that it's all resined, I can't really fix that. So what should I do? For starters, my helm has one side out and one in on the back where the black area at the bottom should be. I can't really fix it at this point because it just cracks the resin, (yes, I tried, it isn't broken, just slightly bendable again, this shouldn't be a problem when I apply the fiber-glass cloth)

Any suggestions?
That's a toughy... No way to just force it, and re-resin it maybe?

I have no idea if that's an option, having not yet played with resin myself.
after fiberglassing my helmet, i noticed that the resin had completely warped my visor from the weight. To fix it, I added some bondo body filler to the other part of the visor, and then sanded it level. maybe you could do the same.
I had the same problem with the jaw on my helm where the fold popped the wrong way. What I did was fiberglassed it a single layer, dried it, used serrated shears to cut the fold lines (It was fortunately on the edge of the armor), then bent it the right way and hot glued it like that and held it like that as it dried. Then, with the hot glue holding it, I did a patch of fiberglass on the inside to correct it. Then I peeled the hot glue off the outside once the fiberglass hardened. Voila!
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