Question concerning left forearm folds?

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ok so im starting my pepakura now so i can wear it too gamestop and pick up my copy of halo 3.
so i got a question what do i do with this on the left forearm it doessnt even have #'s!
If it's anything like the helmet just keep putting together the parts with numbers. Eventually you will reach a point where you have a four-sided hole that looks suspiciously like the un-numbered part.

Just try it on for size, and if it looks right go for it. ;-) Hope that helps!
I use Elmers Ultimate glue, it works better than anything. It applys so easily and dosent expand like crazy. And its cheap ;-)
i heard somewhere that fiberglass eats tape can anyone confirm this because i dont have glue if i had i would have started hours ago.
I think it eats just regular tape, but probalby by the time it eats it, your 'glass will have hardend a bit, so it probably wont matter.

Im still not sure though.
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