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Nova Chief

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If I was.....say going to make a decortive MC armor is it possiable to make it out of aluminum? Ideas? (Note: I'am only going to make it out of a metal.)
Weight issue (I mean armor). welding will take alot of work, bending would take loads of try and error.
i don't personally know how much metals cost. but thats why they have google. any ways it could become to heavy, putting alot of strain on your body.
:agree: although aluminum is one of the lighter metals you canbuy it may still just be too heavy.
Are you trying to make this armor for like protection against paint balls or something? You could always make the molds and reinforce the actual suit with kevlar?
oh whoops didnt notice the "decorative purposes" part
then ya aluminum would work but like chris said lots of welding
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