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I'm about to begin sculpting my Mark VI helm from clay, and I just had a quick question for anyone who's gone this route.

(Granted, I already know about using oil-based sulphur-free clay.)

If I'm sculpting my clay over a head form, how much clay will I need? I originally was thinking I'd have to do a solid helmet that would be full of clay, until I found a nice "bust" type of mannequin that would allow me to save clay, as well as weight.

I'm only asking because I don't want to buy too much, but then again, it'll be good to have more handy once I'm ready to start sculpting the other pieces.


Okay, for any mods reading this, I'm terribly sorry. I apologize for not seeing the clay thread earlier. I did a search for it just a few minutes ago, and my questions have been answered ten-fold, as has my embarrassment been dealt.

Feel free to delete this thread at your leisure, and again, I apologize.

Noobfully yours,

Blue Vertex
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