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ok ive read alot, and ive watched tons of videos, i kno how to do pretty much everything to make a vacuum mold.. but how do i make the base mold?

i kno how to cast, like the one vid from adam where he made a plastic battle rifle, using a cast, how did he make the cast with all that detail?

did i miss something lol?

im making a pep suit right now, but my second suit id love to make using a vacuum mold, but im kinda lost on getting the armor peices to start..

Lets get some stuff straight first.

1. Make your topic titles descriptive, or they shall be locked
2. Pattern = the original sculpt from which you make a mold
3. Mold = negative pattern from which you can make a cast
4. Cast = positive form that comes out of the mold (you wear this part)

As far as that gun goes. I have it machined out of wood. Other people like blue realm sean and link, create their helmets out of pure artistic skill. I'm making my ODST helmet this way. Actually it is being carved out of clay.

I use clay to make the original pattern sculpt. Other use cardboard, bondo, or some other material
aww, adam you ruined the suprise lol. it looks good. little big in the back i think(but that is just me)
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