Quick way to arrange pepakura pieces?


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Hi guys,

After googling and searching, and finding nothing, does anyone know of a quick way to "auto-arrange" pieces in pepakura designer?
I'm using Pepakura Designer v4.

Standard way of doing through
2D Menu>Recalculate Parts Layout...

But this doesn't rotate pieces, leaves huge gaps, and uses loads and loads of pages as in picture below.

pepakura capture.JPG

I have been placing each piece using ctrl+m for move....ctrl+r for rotate...ctrl+m and so on. Fast forward to carpal tunnel.

Does anyone know of any software, method or anything that could automate this process for 200+ parts?

Much appreciated.


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i don't believe there is a software that does it perfectly the way you need it. I know armor smith is pretty user friendly but a lot of these is mandatory self moving, cutting, resizing, etc.


You don't have to change the tool to rotate the part. You can just grab the green circle on top of the red bounding box when the part is selected and use that to rotate them. But other than that, I also don't know of any way to automatically arrange the parts.


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You can also move groups of pieces by dragging a box around them. Combined with what Coreforge said it goes pretty quick once you get used to it. The one you pictured I'd be able to clean up on my lunch break to give you a frame of reference. Doing a proper unfold (not auto) of that file may be closer to three hours.