R.I.P Hamiriony. My sweet sweet pet.

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On the 1/1/08 my litle beloves hampster died of unknown reasons............
Evrytime i see something i did with her i cry and i miss her so so so much. I loved my dear litle hampster so much!
I wish i could see her one last time. :cry:
She was my best frend ive ever had....... I was her only frend...... And know she has passed away.

I dont know why i made this topic but i just wanted to let people know...... thats all. So please dont tell me this thread is pointless. Thank you.

Regards: spartanmartin. aka Ben.

R.I.P HAMIRIONY!!!!! I will miss you forever!


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Much love to you hamster. She's certainly in a very good place now. Just remember the good times. I'm sure she'd want her human to be happy :)
I got a cat and out of my family of four he only likes me. if he died id go crazy cuz im not exactly popular and that cat is closer to me than anyone.

flying squirl

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aww, now i miss my seagul!!! his name was gregory peck. he had a very badly broken wing n he lived in my kitchen for 5 years. :(

rip hamiriony!

Spartan 172

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I had a Guinea Pig named Patches and she had a Heart Attack and i was at my freinds house when she died i miss her sooooooooooooooooo much i wish i could hold her again :mad: :(
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