Railgun W.I.P Process


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I'm gonna be working on a railgun for my Spartan cosplay and I'll post the process here and update as I keep it up.

Currently I'm working on the template as of 08-20-19 and I already have three layers to it.

I'm gonna be using a method I am familiar with. Using a solid base and creating 3D layers up from that. Essentially creating a baus relief (if that's how you spell it)

^^This one here is the base template I have and am currently using.


^^I color code the layers. The base layer is black and the first layer is green.

^^This is what is currently looks like. The third layer is purple and only the little square bits that are etched into the gun's body. I'm gonna create a fourth layer and put it on top of the third layer to make it look like it's been carved into rather than pushed up.

(I'll keep things updated as I go but for now this is all I have! I hope you enjoy my process! I'll also be posting this all on my Instagram too which is _heroiclegend over there!)