Rapid Prototyping?

colmon 9

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it would be illegal to make any of the halo stuff with one of those

and wtf "Small footprint"
that things as big as a Volkswagen lol

colmon 9

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holy crap thats a big engine, seems like a joke at that size

i bet u could probably power half of japan with that


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Yeah....uh....*laughs* the engine thing is kind of funny......cuz it would use up the earths oil reserves in a matter of minutes......

that printer is pretty hardcore. like it says, its more for businesses and companies that use them for prototyping, like toy companies or any parts designers.

its gigantic. where are you gonna put it, if you would make armor from it? I mean, seriously? it would have to be airlifted into your house!

nice find though. i needed a laugh break.