Raspberry Pi heads up display system around $85


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so I have made a HUD or HMD for my helmet based on an RPI 3 B+ around $85
so here is how it works:

Just FYI this is not a guide. just a rough outline of my project.

here is a very basic diagram of how a hud works

so rather than using a cathode-ray tube we will be using a TFT HDMI display that is 3.5"
like this one on amazon:

and to run that we will use a raspberry pi 3

as for the lense right now I am using a 100 mm focal length Fresnel lens that I found on amazon and they work ok with the case that I have right now
just small text is a little fuzzy.

so now on to the case
here are some images of the case I 3d printed:



so as for the parts you have
  1. RPI 3 $35
  2. the display $26
  3. the lenses $8
  4. power supply $10
  5. HDMI cable $2-$5
total around $85

so I know this won't work in all helmets you really need around 2.75"x4" of free space at the front of your helmet I know the H4 scout helmet does ok but is far from perfect

so I guess I just wanted to share my project with you guys
if any of you guys want some of the prototype stl files I can post them here.