Raspberry Pi heads up display system around $85


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so I have made a HUD or HMD for my helmet based on an RPI 3 B+ around $85
so here is how it works:

Just FYI this is not a guide. just a rough outline of my project.

here is a very basic diagram of how a hud works

so rather than using a cathode-ray tube we will be using a TFT HDMI display that is 3.5"
like this one on amazon:

and to run that we will use a raspberry pi 3

as for the lense right now I am using a 100 mm focal length Fresnel lens that I found on amazon and they work ok with the case that I have right now
just small text is a little fuzzy.

so now on to the case
here are some images of the case I 3d printed:



so as for the parts you have
  1. RPI 3 $35
  2. the display $26
  3. the lenses $8
  4. power supply $10
  5. HDMI cable $2-$5
total around $85

so I know this won't work in all helmets you really need around 2.75"x4" of free space at the front of your helmet I know the H4 scout helmet does ok but is far from perfect

so I guess I just wanted to share my project with you guys
if any of you guys want some of the prototype stl files I can post them here.


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I love seeing new ways that people come up with for the HUD cause im planning on having one eventually in my own suits. Keep up the good work, this looks sick!