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RB's Elite Ultra Armor Build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by rainbow dash, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm going to do an elite! Since the Reach Elite files currently showed up I'm all ready to go (well after the unfolding ^^)
    I will post the files for pepakura and foam here. (Files can be found in the second post)
    And before anybody comes up with that, yes this is my 4th unfinished WIP thread, I'm aware of that.

    So the real challenge with this project are the elite's legs. Second difficult part is the elite's head, everything else is pretty common base work.

    So basically what I want to achieve is a costume like this :p

    I tried to contact this little genious via Facebook but sadly didn't get any response. :(

    Back to the legs: An elite doesn't stand straight, his legs are kinda bend. I guess doing an elite as you would do a spartan won't look good. So either you make them look like they are bend or use something that's called "digitigrade stilts"

    I found a post on the forum from 2009 showing suitable stilts for an elite, please see for yourself :)

    Wow, that was cool, you can even run with this stilts!
    Although it would be nice to have one of these awesome Digilegs (you can actually buy them), $900 is just way too much!!
    So if I don't want to spend a tremendous amount of money on this costume I'd better do it myself.

    While searching the web for a little while I came across many furry-related sites ^^ but finally found a video of selfmade stilts, I'm not sure about the costs, but definitely less then 900 bucks ;) This girl really kicks ass!

    (skip to 0:58)

    But I guess they're pretty difficult to make (at least for me).

    I've found something more suitable, a DIY digitigrade stilts tutorial! The instructions are pretty easy to understand, I guess that could work!

    Another very detailed and professional tutorial on digitigrade legs can be found here: Werewolf Stilts, Digitigrade Legs.

    If anybody has good ideas how to build suitable stilts or any other ideas for the legs, please tell me. :)

    EDIT (2017): I've updated the dead Dropbox links so files are accessable now again.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  2. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  3. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    (reserved for more future posts)
  4. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    (reserved for even more future posts)
  5. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    Sounds like you are going to be a lot 'taller' after the build is done :p I don't know any thing much about them either sorry, other than just youtube sear digitrade stilts and find one about werwolf stilts or something, also, let me know if you ever compile a detailed list of needed materials (i think that's in the vid though...). And lastly, good luck!

  6. SodaPop

    SodaPop New Member

    very cool- subbed to see how this turns out

    if it looks feasible and a decent price ill make a set of my own to make my promethean knight a bit taller xD
  7. I have been in the exact same mood as you have sir! I'm currently working on some digitigrade stilts myself, perhaps I shall make them into an elite! (probably)

    This is really weird, all of the stuff you referenced is the exact stuff I've been looking at!

    Here's a picture I drew up earlier, showing how the stilts will work under the suit:

    If you need reference pics, I took a bunch this morning: linky link.

    While I was doing some research, like you, I came across mostly furry-related projects (I'm not a furry myself, but I'm pretty sure we have a few on the forums.) I found that SeanBradley was working on an Arbiter with digitigrade stilts (check his youtube,) I'll have to look around to see if that ever got finished.

    We might have competing threads pretty soon, Mr Dash. I'll see you starside...

    P.S. I have a schematic drawn up on my photobucket if you want to reference that
  8. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Haha, yes, i will definitely gain a little height ;) A lot of research will go in this project, it's definitely not an easy one. Could take quite a while with the whole head and stilts. The PDF tutorial has a detailed list of needed materials. Btw. is the link working? You have to click on the image. Better move it to my dropbox.

    Thanks. Pretty everything that's not a human, such as elites, promethean knights, aliens (as in the movie alien) have those animal legs ^^

    Haha, that's really weird, but arrives at the opportune moment! Well, it's always good to have someone who's up to the same goal ;)

    Thanks for the sketchup. Those legs -.- Argh ^^ I'm not a furry either, more of an armor man, as most of us are I guess xD. But if it wasn't the furries, who would have come up with vids and tuts on how to make digitigrade stilts? ;)

    Thanks, I'll take them ;)

    I went into theatre mode myself a few days ago and took reference pics for almost an hour, but I did it offline.
    When I tried to upload the screenshots it said "offline taken pics cannot be uploaded" WTF? Really? Why???

    Man, I was pissed!!!
  9. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    Hmmm another elite, I've made stilts and they are boss! ( I have the same schematics as u! :). )

    I'll tell you what ill subscribe to this, plus if you come across any zealot peps other than mine can you sent them my way?
  10. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    I'm looking forward to do an unfold of all the elite armors, but probably not any time soon, of course I'll start with the ULTRA ;)
  11. Heh, I just took pictures of my TV with my phone to get reference pics. I'll be heading to Home Depot tomorrow to grab materials. I'll keep an eye out for more Ultra files.

    I figure that if you're doing the Ultra (like I'll probably do) the head shouldn't be too bad considering that no skin is showing
  12. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Yep, with the Ultra armor you don't have to make a real head, some sort of black tube or something like that should be good to go. But I think I'll make one nevertheless ^^
    If you take off the helmet and an elite's head shows up, that's just awesome! :D

  13. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    Hold it!

    How do you rip models from reach?
  14. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    I look forward on seeing where this goes. Elites are by far my most favorite alien out in the sci fi universe. Good luck!

  15. Youve gotta make a sword for the suit to be truly complete!
  16. Liamthedevastator


    I just ran into the perfect Instructable for this build:

    How to Make Aluminum Digitigrade Stilts.

    This follows the same design as £600+ digitigrade stilts for only $100 - $120, AND you can customize the design if you want to make any additions.

    On top of that the strength of aluminum versus wood is far superior and would make me feel less nervous. I cringe whenever I see home-built wooden stilts. Not a judgement on the skill or choices of the builders -- we can't all afford to make aluminum stilts -- but I just feel like screws and wood couldn't possibly handle the force of somebody walking for long.

    Best of luck with your build! :)
  17. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    This is by far the best design I've seen out there. I have the plans myself btw. :)

  18. Liamthedevastator


    I was giddy with excitement because, for the first time EVER, the author references materials sourced from stores that are WITHIN 20 MINUTES OF MY HOUSE!!! +1 for living on an island :D

    Do you mean you have these plans or your own?
  19. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Thanks, they're my favourite aliens too.

    I will :)

    AHHH, YEAH! More elites! That's cool! :D

    Actually this tutorial is already in the first post if you look closely at the end ^^ But I haven't had a closer look at it, because it's a long text etc. ^^ Still looks pretty difficult to make. But the instructions are detailed enough as much as I can. see. And with about 150$ it's still affordable :)
    Haha, with this instruction I don't have to do just the translations of words but also the converting of measurements, yeah, what a great fun -.-
  20. Liamthedevastator


    I have a tendency to miss details like that, at least you were aware of it!
  21. MissingSpartan7


    Sorry. Trade secret.
    It's more a need to know basis thing, along with supply/demand.
    If everyone could do it, we would have an over-supply of models that no-one really needs - but if there is a small team working on it, then the (somewhat irregular) releases are able to meet the demand. Basic economics really. Also, having a reasonable amount of experience in 3ds also helps.
    The main thing is that most of the models have to be cleaned up a fair bit just to make them usable - and that takes time, effort and lots of patience.

    @RD - Can't wait to see where you take this! Even I have been thinking about building an elite...eventually. (It was actually the idea that found me here - and I still haven't built one...)
    I am most definitely looking forward to those unfolds!
    +1 sub here


    Slightly offtopic: Good work on the fleet assets in the reach release thread - I would have got to it eventually...
    Even better work at taking initiative on figuring out how to do it! (Thanks for using my post formatting - made me smile.)
    Added release to OP listing.
  22. Croc co

    Croc co Member

    got it supreme database overlord, but ive heard rumors is it possable?
  23. Xavior217

    Xavior217 New Member

    just type it into google there are 3 programs that can do it or just email this guy Cylonproject2000@Yahoo.com I heard he knows what file it is. Type in people who know how and Nintendodudes name came up with the email. Not sure if he's using it give him a ring.
  24. thorn696


    Wow...Just wow, a Elite Ultra Armor build I can't wait to see how this comes out. +1 sub.
  25. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    Agreed with MS7. If you really really wanna do it, google is your best friend. Nothing more to say on this topic.

    You should definitely go for an elite if you can dedicate quite some time to this project. It looks like there are some people in this thread who are thinking about doing the exact same thing.
    I'm currently messing around with 3DS Max trying to find out how to draw simple faces. xD Because I want to build in some support struts for those who won't use foam but doing it the good old pepakura way. I know how to do it in Google Sketchup, but unfortunately I can't export it from there without getting open edges everywhere. It has to be done before the unfolding, because I won't do the unfolds twice. When I succeed I'll start with the unfolds.

    Thanks, it took me some time to find out all steps needed to do it, but finally I was successful.
    I was tired so I reverted to your previous post formatting just out of laziness, hope you didn't mind ^^

    Thanks for the sub :) Hopefully it will come out just awesomely. Even if i don't finish this project for some unknown reason (but I will") this thread hopefully will help people to get an idea on how to get started with their own elite builds :)

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