Reach Legendary, No Achievement WTF?


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Ok so I just finished reach on Legendary solo from start to finish and did not receive either of the Legendary achievements (The one for solo and the regular one).

I'm not at all happy about after all the BS that I have been through and I'm not really sure what to do from here. I'm thinking of redoing the first and second level and seeing if maybe for some reason it missed them but I have an achievement for beating each of the levels (other than lvl one, from what I have read and seen there isn't one for it).

EDIT:I went through the missions list and it shows lvl 1-3 aren't unlocked? It shows Legendary on solo on all the other levels yet somehow I got to those without playing the first ones, really?! But I have the achievements for beating those levels and all I have payed is on Legendary.

Appears I get to play those 3 again, thanks Bungie way to pull an Infinity Ward...


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when you play on legendary, to can't stop the mission and then go back to alpha or bravo. To get credit you have to play the mission from start to finish.


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Yeah I did the last one it's just the first three that are still locked for some reason. I think it was because when I started the campaign I went through the main screen but when I went to continue I went through the main menu, there was a thread on some other site where someone had that problem.

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Instead of Solo Campaign, I did Matchmaking->Campaign and went through the levels solo one by one and completed it without any unlock issues on Heroic. Re-running through on Legendary now, same thing, without any issues.