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Okay one of my colonial Brother was wanting an MA 37 for his kit. I know we have the one in the FFA thread and also the one Misterchief has posted on thingiverse. Both of them are very nice pieces but they are a bit of a nightmare to print due to intersecting shells and no alignment pins. I took the complete one that Misterchief had posted over on thingiverse and ran it though Meshmixer to fix a few issues.

I added a reinforcement to the forward grip between the grip and the rifle body so that it is no longer floating. I added alignment pin holes that run the entire length of the rifle One of the completely into the barrel and the other extends completely into the butt stock. Also put a pair of alignment pin channels inside the pistol grip. This version has no moving parts for con friendly sake.
Now one of the down sides is that when I made the model solid to deal with the voids and intersecting shells. that Meshmixer like to loose a bit of detail. So it is not what I would call as sharp as it was originally but at 5 ft you wont notice and unless you are a fanatic about the exact detail wont notice either.

I have not tried to print it yet. I am not precisely a fan of the MA 37 to be honest but when I ran it through simplify it looks like it should print fairly well. I have not cut the model down so that you can customize the sizing of the pieces to what will fit your print bed.

The alignment pins are simply made out of pieces of all thread Brain wants to say I have been using 3/32 and or 4.5mm. The holes should be tight at 4.5mm

MA37 with

Edit: if you download and find any issues with it let me know and I will take a look at it again. When I get some time I will attempt to take a look at the one in the FFA thread and try to dress it up a bit being it has space for electronics built into it
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Wow, thank you so much for putting in the effort to not just clean up, but also improve upon this, and sharing!

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