Props Reach Magnum pistol build in aluminum and pvc


I finally got enough space cleared to start working on stuff again after moving. I’m still a bit cluttered to fire up a forge, but I have a lot of aluminum sitting around and I wanted to try out the new stand for my mill.

I decided to do the Reach version of the magnum. I’m using 1.25” x 1.5” aluminum bar for most of it. The slide will move, the magazines will come in and out, and the trigger will move with an audible “click” when pulled.

This is good practice for a special project I’ll be doing later this fall.

Here’s where I’m at. I got the barrel groove cut, the overlaps cut, and the T groove cut where the upper bolt will slide in.

30E2E414-0CDE-44A5-B030-A6C500506E20.jpeg F8044B1A-E688-4C66-B677-248EB3D491A8.jpeg 8496017D-4164-4E92-9337-EE4CB0B1B156.jpeg A2CFB90A-6A6C-4378-8018-1F3712D8C33B.jpeg 12657A97-F8A3-4A61-9FCD-28B756DC2278.jpeg 8D6BBF3E-BE2C-4670-AB35-8F838B50CB13.jpeg


Slow morning at work and I’m actually caught up….or at least not behind. I got some mill time between virtual meetings.

Got the front top section 75% done. Got the barrel channel and side rails. This whole part will get covered by the front shroud section. Big solid carbide bits make deep channels like this go pretty quick!

I need to go get a 1/16” key seat cutter to finish the rear section. I’ll just get a dremmel bit and chuck it up in the mill. :)

Got the trigger and return spring pocket in the lower done also.

I have to get all the internal cuts done before doing the external angled cuts because once those get done I no longer have orthogonal sides to work with, and would make any additional internal work really challenging!

42F472B0-F550-4231-84E2-F6145B2F9F81.jpeg 69BD7ED3-5798-48CE-8EAE-39A60C3EECC6.jpeg 6ABD2D11-BE8B-4C1E-A7B9-7DDE6DC6E214.jpeg D3A57309-E855-44FF-BE0C-A22522C3AD5A.jpeg


Hah…in between radioactive chemical plant emergency calls I still managed to do some fun stuff. I’ll do the final trimming and finish out the rear upper slide this evening.

I’ll have to figure out where and how I want to do the trigger and return spring today while on other conference calls with work. :)

Here a quick vid showing the moving parts so far. Starting to look like something now!

15E9E348-A73C-44CF-9F9B-76BC193F40B7.jpeg F0C0CBD4-6F32-4CCA-B664-7D90EAFAE88F.jpeg

Added tonight: Got the upper half looking pretty slick. I worked out how to do the return spring and trigger clicker, too. Now it’s really starting to look like the M6.

15E9E348-A73C-44CF-9F9B-76BC193F40B7.jpeg F0C0CBD4-6F32-4CCA-B664-7D90EAFAE88F.jpeg A8C5B3CE-2E69-4180-95B7-97ECAEC990A7.jpeg 000E7401-5805-489F-8F20-D517C8EAEC8A.jpeg 7DCBF3F5-5C7A-44B0-907E-15C0069F24DF.jpeg C583CCDB-FB5A-4099-A721-13CC2C9D3AC2.jpeg
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