Reach Pistol contest by smick6. Show your painting skills.


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As a thank you to the community here and everyone that has purchased from me I am going to be holding a contest. It is somewhat biased since it will be based on my Reach Pistol. It is my contest so my rules. :) There are going to be prizes.

Here are the rules.

1. You must have one of my pistols.

2. You must finish it and post multiple pictures here in this thread.

3. Pictures must be posted by the 25th of October.

4. If you win and you are out of the country you must pay the shipping cost for the prize. Sorry guys, I'm not that nice.

5. Prizes are not to be sold no matter what. If you don't want it yourself don't post pics.

6. I will announce the winner at the end of the month.

7. Prize will ship a few weeks after the winner is picked, don't rush me, remember its free.:D

Side notes.

I am the only one judging the contest.
Its purely based on my opinion alone.
I will not accept bribes, well maybe if they are real good. ;)
You should think about the location and style of the pictures and how you display it.
You may have the best looking finish on your gun and someone else has better pictures they may win. Style will count here. More pictures the better.
Don't wait till the last day to post if you can.

On with the best part, the prizes.

First place Brute Spiker diy Kit.
This will be a basic kit that comes straight from the molds.
It will have mdf blades and all the resin parts needed, plus the hardware.
I am to lazy to clean it up for you plus its free so don't whine.

Second place Spike Grenade kit
Same as above straight from the molds.

Third place You don't get crap,:( I am not made of money.:)

Obviously the pics above are of finished kits, you are not getting that. The prizes are non finished diy kits.




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Forgot to mention that I also reserve the right to change any of my rules. The reason I say that is I have a few things going over seas, and those guys may need a bit more time to finish them and it wouldn't be fair to them. In other words the deadline may be extended a few weeks. We will see. These are not my pics they are from other people, so thanks to them for sharing them, they are great.

Here are a few exceptional pictures of of some of the things people have bought from me. Use these as examples for your pics.
th_Spartan_Photoshoot_2_by_Redtogusa.jpg th_BruteSpiker1.jpg


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Just to let you guys know the deadline is going to be extended. Dont have an exact date yet. Mid November or so.


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Dang, if I weren't already committed with a current purchase, I would have loved to participate! I have all the paint I need here and a good backdrop/pic idea for it.

Quick shot on the stand. Maybe I can get some shots in my Spartan III tomorrow.


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I know what you mean about picture taking. It is difficult to get natural looking pictures. I have a really expensive camera and still get crappy pics. Feel like I need training on using it.:)


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Here are the photos of my Reach pistol, I'll get some action poses with it tonight or tomarrow night whichever day my family takes the 6 year old trick or treating and I take him door to door.



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I am setting the final date for entry in the contest. I have extended it quite a bit further than originally expected. The dead line is Christmas Day. If you want in the contest see the rules in the first post.


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Man, I've spent so much money on other things. This was one thing on the list but I really need to save :'(

Maybe if I were doing a Reach costume instead
got the kit today, gotta say I am very impressed. Wasnt suprising though considering the pistol. You wouldnt happen to have any directions would you? I am confused on the PVC rings.
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