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    So my ex left the set of Reach armor that I built for him, and since he's relatively close to my size, I've decided to do a repaint, add a few extra details and make it my own.

    As to not repeat all the things posted/said in his thread here is a link to it.

    I plan on remaking the shoulders, hand plates, biceps, and forearms. The boots are unknown at this time since I need to get a pair of shoes for this kit.

    Back in October I made a set of Reach thighs, and they look pretty good, granted that's not the best angle for a picture, but its the last time it was worn.


    Other upgrades include:
    Lights! (ALL THE LIGHTS)
    New Paint
    New Weathering
    New Visor
    New Helmet (eventually)
    Tatical pouches for the belly area
    Possible Thigh Pouch

    My goal is to have the upgrades done by January 15th so I can wear it to a local con; luckily I have quite a bit of time off in the next couple weeks so I should have the majority busted out quickly. The only thing that will most likely delay this will be shipping on the tatical pads.

    Any other upgrades I should look at doing?

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    Looking good
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    Well more progress has been made, I have the chest resized, as well as the cod/belt. I've also got the helmet painted, lit, and ready to go, though I will be in the market for a different helmet since this one is borderline too small. I have scrapped one of the shoulders since I couldn't get a good curve and I'm not happy with how it looks. I did decide that I wanted to go with the belly pouches and I am pretty happy with how it looks.

    th_622A9789-4BC8-40B4-B40A-916B13D86CA8_zpsci3k7ifl.jpg th_DCB21A6C-DA4E-4034-B0C1-003D54CF493A_zpsraevtuhn.jpg th_8854CE6D-EFAB-4785-BCDF-B48F69E4A13D_zpsaodwtucq.jpg
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    Well I have gotten quite a bit done, three tries later I have decent passable forearms and biceps. I have also started repainting every thing since it has been and is supposed to continue to be in the negative temps. Still have to weather, but I am happy with the progress.
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    Arise dead thread!

    Only pic I was able to get from the con.

    Life can really just suck every once in a while and if you're unlucky enough sometimes it lasts for a long while. I was able to finish the upgrades for the event that I wanted; however during the event the new items that I made fell apart. I had already made the fore arms 4 times due to sizing issues and bad foam. I had the same issues with the biceps. After that I decided that I needed a break. Life decided I needed a longer break than what I had intended, but I'm back and ready to get to work on her again.

    I will be remaking the thighs (again), possibly the belt (I've lost about 50lbs, so I'm not entirely sure what is going to fit), forearms and biceps to start out with. I need to find another pair of gloves since my dogs decided that the pair I had tasted good.

    As for repairing I will need to touch up the boots since they were a rush job and started to fall apart.

    I am kicking around the idea of making a female chest (since the one I currently have is a male) but I'm not entirely sold that I need to do so... other than I want to take a crack at another chest peice. That depends on how much foam I have left on hand after I get the items that I want made done. I have also picked up a new helmet for this kit, the one that I have been sporting is too small and my head is too large (curses).
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    Welcome back! Congrats on the weight loss. Not an easy thing to do. I wish you smooth sailing in the remaking of this suit. It looks really good!
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    Looks good what helmet did you pic up?
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    I ended up picking up a ODST helmet from Armory Props, it loos to be really small... so I am hoping my big head will fit into it after I get it cleaned up. If I need to I will make part of the back removable so I can attempt to get it on.

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