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Hi folks,
Have been absent for a while....
Did a lot of playing around and am now trying to "manifacture" all these ideas.
It`s mostly deus ex related stuff (yes, there are other passions besides halo:lol:) Greetings to all Deus Ex Fans btw! :D This thread should showcase all of those things (finished ones and concepts).
The Garm Mask will still be a seperate thread, i`m on that also...
I will try to get some routine but might not be able to upload at a frequent rate. Please feel free to give feedback, i appreciate it. So, here comes the first teaser:
Jensen glasses MD-version.jpg

Adams Glasses from Mankind Divided! Not mechanical but they can be disassembled into seperate pieces.
My 3d modeling is on a rookie level but i hope it pleases you guys:oops:
If anyone is interested in files, etc. i may offer them if i finished a prototype (pm me then)

So enjoy!


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Another one, inspired by concept art for HR. Sarif Industries had a real website back then. Was a cool way to promote the game.
Sarif Industries concept.jpg

Made a Reinterpretation myself:

sarif inustries eye prosthetic.jpg

Would make a cool case for a webcam maybe? Will print it sometime.
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Sorry if i kinda necropost in my own thread here, but i thought i should keep you updated.
I developed a few other ideas i wanted to show, but a while ago my pc crashed resulting in a somewhat bigger data loss.
Some weeks invested just vanished...:cry:
I was very frustated and despite normally being a calm dude, i ragequitted :mad:
Some of the models i have to redo, which is painful, obviously.
I delayed my work on these things, but hope to pick up again during the coming holidays.


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Here i go necroposting in my own threads again...but today i was busy and looked back at older stuff. I do much more behind the scenes you folks don`t see on here. I tend to make templates and sketches and before i finish it i already have another idea i gamble with. Or i just forget to post the pics:eek:

This is back from 2016 i believe:
Eigenes Rendersetup Vray.jpg

Who recognizes it? It`s Jensens appartment from Human Revolution!
I found it when i loaded an old render setup into Vray. Rendered it there, modeling was done in 3dsmax.
Was a test of sorts, the Room looks way too clean for a guy like Adam!:lol:
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Well, i am still doing different stuff similar to an architectural series of halo related models i would like to recreate other iconic places from videogames and/ or movies. And there are lots of them! Just recent Games like Detroit Become Human had amazing graphics and incredible atmosphere within stunning settings. I want my little version of Carl`s House or Kamskis Mansion! :D
Cyberpunk 2077 will be great too - i can feel it....

But Deus Ex is still on my List. Am carefully trying to set up the right dimesion for a somewhat detailed physical recreation of beloved Adams Appartment in Detroits Chiron Building.
Made some sketches in CAD ages ago
CAD Jensens Apartment.JPG

Made a first mock-up to see if everything fits - of course it doesn`t 100% :confused:
That`s how that looks like:


I even got pics from the skybox used in that game, i`ll plan to have it printed and used as background when the project is done.

WP_20190731_22_22_59_Pro (2).jpg