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Well seems like ive finnaly found some time so ill try and post my recon armor. I started the helmet around mid summer but wasnt really devoted until a month ago when i realized i had to start working to finish my armor for the reach launch (im praying). I havent had time to document how long each piece took me or anything like that but i can tell you they range from 5 hours to multiple days. I had to drop down from HD which was really disappointing but i really want to finish this. so I cant really post a lot of pictures on the forum due to the restrictions so ill try this out (crosses fingers it works) I have 7 of the 15 pieces done and i dont think ill have time to do a gun cause im in so much of a rush as it is (i hate school!) well hope you like it, comments and questions are appreciated

ok well ive been working a lot this weekend and have finished a recon shoulder
. so now i am pretty much done with the left side except for the boot which my friend has because he wanted to help out somehow
and I have started the cod piece
. Within about an hour I scored and cut out all the pieces out so im feeling pretty good
. I will try to get as much done tonight before i pass out
Quick update before I head off to bed

Well I knew it would happen sooner or later, I scaled my cod piece to small :(


I thought it would fit and then did a test run half way through building it to find it was pretty small. Guess this will just make me stay up later for longer if I want to finnish. Im also going to try to have someone cut and score my chest, recon chest and right shoulder with a craftrobo. If anyone has one and can do it for cheap email me at .See you next update 405th!

with cramped fingers and a hungry stomach I bring you this update. I have been scoring pages since 6pm. I printed out 17 pages and scored 13 or them. The other 4 is the shin which I will score tomorrow.

The reason I am only scoring them is because I want to get the part of the job that only I can do out of the way so I hand off the scored sheets to friends to be cut, my mom even promised to cut a few! I also got the gloves I'm going to use in today.

With my only HD handplate

After scoring everything I'm feeling a little better about finishing it on time. Ok im ganna go eat and sleep. Cya!
SURPRISE another update
Well once I got home from school kinda got sidetracked but its ok cause I made most of the work up! I now have 4 or 5 friends officially signed up to take home my prescored papers and cut them out! My moms ganna do the COD piece and forearm too. I think this will really help out getting the project done on time. I also printed and scored the right boot (5 pages) scored the shin (another 5)

and pepped my right handplate.

(see the difference between HD and tester? ya neither do I)
I also have my recon helmet drying right now from a coat of primer i put on it, ill throw in pics tomorrow

OK so tomorrow I should be getting a cut and scored thigh to assemble and I will hand out a BUNCH of pages,
see ya soon 405th
Glad you got some help with the cutting... It really will help to speed up your build.

Looking good!

Haven't updated in quite a while so I figured id drop one in. Obviously the release date was way to early but it motivated me to get it done. Im shooting for Halloween which is much more likely. Well I have done a little work since the last update. Not sure in which order i did which but here are the pictures.
im getting there!

heres all the stuff ive done



Im missing one piece for this but ill print it out and fix it soon



You cant tell but i have a blue stripe covered up going down the middle. Ill shoot more pics when im done

I plan on wearing the helmet to the midnight release so that will be fun, just have to put the visor on it with hotglue.
see ya next update
man thats really cool! i can tell your using most of the low detail peices (because of school right?) i would too.
Alright man! I was wondering why the Recon helmet had tape on the spikes....

Looking for clean lines down the center or what? Usually when I'm looking for rough edges I rip the tape on a side and put it down.
Well I have a blue strip going right down the middle but it is covered in tape (ill have pics soon)

Ya due to time restraints (school) by the time I finish the suit in HD I would have grown out of it lol

Clean strip straight down is what I have in mind
Heres another update
Last night I peeled the tape off of the recon helmet and hit it up with a few coats of clear enamel
(keep in mind this is my cell phone and the camera blurs quite a bit)from the front under light

back under light

front less light

back less light

so today I think ill not wet sand the clear coat and instead try to install the visor, if anyone has any tips or good methods please leave a comment
see ya 405th
Excellent progress so far.
I cut the excess off of my visor and hot glued it in place. I can still remove the visor for when I do the dual visor procedure.

good job but im iffy bout the colors and is there any thing special bout the front thing or just a squared u shape? my pep didnt have that
That was a separate file but it is a piece that is in the game, i wanted to add it. I am going to change the colors i believe after the midnight release to match what im ganna do for my suit. and thanks longshot, ill try that. I did that thing you did with the foam it but it turned into a huge mess so this will hopefully turn out better


Sorry about not following up with this project but this is about where the making stopped. After the release I played the game for a while, then school started raining buckets of work on me then to cap that off i tried on the suit only to find I had outgrown the work in progress (curse you every extending legs!) So for now I will say that this project is dead......but my armor/ prop creating career is not and I plan on beginning my grenade launcher (full functional hope full) in the near future. Till next time,
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